Hurricane Roslyn to Make Landfall in Mexico – More Weather Warfare?

Mexican emergency officials were rushing to finish preparations on Saturday as Hurricane Roslyn, a powerful Category 4 storm, churned toward tourist zones along the country’s Pacific coast with expected landfall by Sunday morning.

Roslyn was forecast to move north on Saturday as it approached west-central Mexico before making landfall along the coast of Nayarit state on Sunday morning, bringing damaging winds, a major storm surge and significant coastal flooding.

So, is this another weather modification warfare on the people? Let’s examine the dates and the keywords.

Landfall is expected early Sunday morning. That is October 23, which comes with the Freemasonic 33-date numerology and leaves 69-days remaining in the year.

October 23 = 10/23 = 10 + 23 = 33

Mexico = 69, 33

And 69 is related to classic Jesuit weather control.

Weather Control = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69

Also, October 23 comes with a full 75-date numerology, and this is a bout a category 4 storm most likely created by weather control equipment for weather warfare.

10/23/2022 = 10 + 23 + 20 + 22 = 75

Category 4 Storm = 75
Weather Modification = 75
Weather Warfare = 75
Weather Control = 75
Catholic Church = 75 (again!)

Look at that, one day out of the year for such a perfect hit for Mexico and weather control, and we have a developing story about a Hurricane. What do you say now, you coincidence theorist? Are you a math and probability denier?

The previous strongest and first Hurricane to make landfall in Mexico this year was Hurricane Agatha on May 30. Hurricane Roslyn will make landfall 146-days later.

Hurricane = 146

Counting the end date, that is a span of exactly 21 weeks on the day.

Roslyn = 21
Jesuit = 21

From the most important date this year when looking at fabricated hurricanes, we have a match for both ‘hurricane’ and ‘Roslyn,’ as in ‘Hurricane Roslyn.’ Such a coincidence, no?

And, of course, the name Roslyn is not by accident. All man-made hurricanes is named by the numbers with some association to the Jesuit Order. Either by its single name or by adding ‘hurricane’ to its name.

Roslyn = 103, 618, 40
Jesuits = 103, 618, 40

And as for previous Agatha.

Hurricane Agatha = 72, 72
Jesuit Order = 72, 72

Again, we have what most likely is a man-made hurricane hitting the Mexican coast. Simply too many connections to be organic and coincidences.

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