Hurricane Ida to arrive by the numbers

The weather modification warfare continues. Only one week after Hurricane Henri. This will be a quick little decode, just showing you how fabricated it all is.

First, Hurricane Ida breaks down to ‘66’ in Full Reduction (and to ‘666’ in English Sumerian), the number matching the phrase ‘Number of the Beast’, aka., ‘666’. Very fitting. This phrase is also known as “The Number of a Man”, which also is ‘66’ in Full Reduction. In the next decode you will see the connection.
And they call it a potentially “Category 4 Storm”, which is ‘66’ in Full Reduction.

Hurricane Ida is said to make its landfall on Sunday, August 29.
8/29/2021 = 8+29+20+21 = 78
Hurricane Ida: 78 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Sunday: 78 (Reverse Ordinal)
Jesuit: 78 (the ones writing the script)
Thirty-Three: 78 (Freemasonic, but Sunday is also ‘33’ in Full Reverse reduction)
Order out of Chaos: 78 (their motto, to bring chaos and offer their solutions)
The Number of a Man: 78 (also ‘66’ or ‘666’ as in ‘Hurricane Ida’ decoded above)

Hurricane Ida is cleverly named after the date it is supposed to hit the Louisiana coast and with several connections to the Number of the Beast – one of their other rituals that is ongoing concerning the vaccines, IDs, and Agenda 2030.

The first news about Tropical Storm Ida (before it was classified as a Hurricane) came on August 27, 2021 – the four-year anniversary day of the Harvey Flooding in Texas. Strong references and symbolism! August 27 was the 239th day of the year. 239 is the 52nd Prime Number. 52 as in the weather catastrophe number. And, of course, the Harvey Flooding in 2017 was on a day with 52-numerology. Also, it is 16 years since Hurricane Katrina hit (late August 2005).

Hurricane: 52
Flood: 52
Enlil: 52 (Enlil is the God of flooding)

And remember, ‘Tropical Storm Ida’ was announced on August 27. The 239th day of the year.
Tropical Storm Ida: 239 (Reverse Ordinal)

Tropical Storm Ida: 76 (full Reduction)
8/27/2021 = 8+27+20+21 = 76

The gematria and numerology is all over this. Completely man-made and thus supported by your government. My prayers to those living in the state of Louisiana (I do have several friends there) and especially the city of New Orleans. Be extra prepared in New Orleans, as it is a double match with “Category 4 Storm”. And as Ida advances, expect flooding in these areas, i.e. Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Most likely on September 2nd as 9/2/2021 = 9+2+20+21 = 52, the number of flooding (as described above).

Stay safe! Build communities. Make their system obsolete!

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