New Branch of ISIS Emerges on the Scene to fit their Rituals and Staged Attacks – also more on references to 9/11 and Mithraism

Suddenly a new branch of ISIS, called ‘ISIS-K,’ emerges as an ‘threat’ to the evacuation out of Afghanistan and, a day later, takes responsibility for an alleged (staged) attack. Who/what the heck is ISIS-K?
Well, ‘K’ is the eleventh letter, as in 9/11… And if we search the interwebz, Kiro 7 News, claims, “ISIS-K announced its formation in an online video in January 10, 2015”.
January 10? As in 10+1 or 11? Just as ‘K’ and Kabul being 11 in the Full Reduction cipher. So many coincidences!!
10/1 can also be written as 101, the 26th Prime number. And they made their mark with the alleged attack on August 26th. Also, remember that the US invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, exactly 26 days after September 11.
Oh, the coincidences… Can you see how it’s all fabricated, all scripted yet?

Well, there’s more.

January 10 can also be written as 1/10, as many countries do, like 110. The World Trade Center were 110 stories tall. Also…

It’s all Fabricated: 110 (what it is, Revelation of the Method)
Psy-Ops: 110 (what it is, Revelation of the Method)
Osama bin Laden: 110 and 47
Fake Person: 110 and 47 (Osama was an actor, a fake person)
Club of Rome: 110 and 47 (their ‘think-tank’, usually part of many psy-ops)
Government: 47
Kabul: 47

And there we have the 47 degrees on the Freemasonic compass, the reflection of 74, the number of God. Also 47, as in 4+7 is 11. This is an important reference, since WTC building 7 was 47 floors tall, and it was the third tower to fall on 9/11.
And as a ritualistic tribute to that fact, the news media claims, “On August 26 there were ‘three’ explosions at Kabul’s Airport, two in succession, followed by a third” – which can be interpreted as; first there were twin blasts, and then later a third, just as on 9/11. They love to repeat their rituals in different shapes to form strong symbolic relationships (and to mock us).

But there’s still more…

August 26 is 11 days after the Afghanistan government fell, which just happened to be on the birthday of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuit Order).
Jesus: 11 (Full Reduction)

And they also say that the government fell after 11 days of Taliban rebellion, which means that it all started on August 4, as in 8/4 = 84.

Jesuit: 84 (the ones behind this big ritual, including 9/11)
The Jesuit Order: 84 (the ones behind this big ritual, including 9/11)
The Catholic Church: 84 (the home of the Jesuit Order)
United States of America: 84 (the main character in this scripted story and ritual)
It is a Lie: 84 (it sure is, all staged, all scripted)
Psy-Op: 84 (Jewish Ord) (what it is, Revelation of the Method)

And of course, we know who are funding and training these fake terrorist groups…
Terror: 68
ISIS-K: 68
CIA: 68

Finally, looking back at 110 and 47 again, as in ‘Osama bin Laden’, we have a double match with Mithraism.

Mithraism, the worship of Mithra, the Iranian god of the sun, justice, contract, and war in pre-Zoroastrian Iran (remember, they worship the sun god). Known as Mithras in the Roman Empire during the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE, this deity was honored as the patron of loyalty to the emperor.
And most importantly, Mithra was worshipped in many countries and in all versions, he had a twin brother called Ahura! Yes, as the ‘twin towers’, a symbolic representation of Mithra and Ahura – just as it also represent the twin pillars at the doorway to Salomon’s Temple.
The first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity, Constantine the Great, managed to blend the solar religion of Mithraism with the N’tzarim belief in the Nazarene Mashiach, which he confused with the sun. Mithras and “Christ” were one and the same to him.

Mithraism: 110, 47
Osama bin Laden: 110, 47
President: 110, 47
Airstrike: 110, 47 (as in fake CGI planes hitting towers)

And in Gematria, you can remove the zeroes, so 110 can be read as 11, and 101 also as 11. This means that these words are also a full double match with 110 and 47, and the previous date of January 10 = 101 (ISIS-K):
Christian: 101, 47 (reference back to Constantine, and the conversion to Christianity)
Division: 101, 47 (what most psy-ops are about, dividing people, making us weaker)
See of Rome: 101, 47 (aka., Holy See, the jurisdiction of the world-wide Catholic Church and the Vatican by the Pope)
Perfect Man: 101, 47 (reference to Osiris, see below)

From a very early period the Iranian people came into intimate contact with both the Babylonians and the Egyptians. In Babylon the Ishtar-cult was early united with astrology and magic, while in Egypt the Isis-cult got amalgamated with the mysteries of the “Perfect Man”, Osiris.

It all ties neatly together. The occult history and mysticism. Many of their rituals are reflections of history, as they both want to re-write historical events in their new image in our current days, and thus write their own history and shape our world and reality, as in playing God. Hence the reference to Mithraism and Christianity and its connection to 9/11 and what is now happening in Afghanistan.

From the staged bombing:

And here, one of the staged pictures from the fake bombings. Always with one leg of the trousers removed or rolled up, exposing the right knee, just like the Freemasonic introduction ritual. One of their most common signs (together with the missing shoe, usually the left shoe).

The trouser-leg is rolled up to simulate the appearance of one in ragged clothing, to reduce the Candidate to the same symbolic state as someone at the lowest station in life. They expose the chest, the right knee, and the left foot. If you see any of these in several photos, you know that it is a ritual, it is all staged and fake.

And here, left foot exposed on two crisis actors, chest exposed, and tucked legs, symbolic of the knee.

Again, left foot and chest exposed. Also, the sheet tucked to represent phallus symbolism, paying tribute to Osiris.

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