Democrats Maintain Control of Senate in Catherine Cortez Masto Ritual, All by the Numbers

As I said in my last article about Donald Trump campaigning by the numbers in Ohio – voting is the illusion of control, it is the equivalent of choosing between two puppets controlled by the same puppet master, and by participating in their ritual by voting, you give them your consent to continue with the theatre. Actually, I’ve been saying that since the late 90’s, but most people are still trapped in the illusion, the fake reality constructed by their slave masters.

Now, this scripted ritual with the staged and controlled midterm “elections” verifies that statement 100% yet again. Yesterday, CNN, NBC, and other highly controlled media outlets “projected” that the ‘Democrats’ would keep their narrow Senate majority. Yes, of course they “projected” it, as they have the script as provided by their fellow Freemasons directly from their masters in the Vatican, The Jesuit Order. Actually, they projected that Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto would win reelection, allowing Democrats to keep the Senate. And, yes, that is exactly what happened. Thus, this ‘Catherine Cortez Masto’ is one of the key figures in the ritual, so let’s start there.

Her name, as presented by the media, as in ‘Catherine Cortez,’ contains the famous Freemasonic double ‘CC,’ as in ’33,’ as C is the third letter. Also, by adding her surname as displayed in all the media coverage, that name of ‘Catherine Cortez Masto’ reduces to ‘113,’ the number for dishonesty, the number of politics and bullshit. Very fitting indeed!

Catherine Cortez Masto = 113
The Number For Dishonesty = 113
Dishonest = 113
Not Factual = 113
Not True = 113
Not Honest = 113
Bullshit = 113
Politics = 113

This victory by Catherine means that the Democrats will hold at least 50 seats.

Catherine was born on March 29, 1964, and this victory on November 12 came at a span of 229-days after her birthday, or you could say, on the 229th day of her age. 229 is the 50th prime number, same as the number of seats for the Democrats in the Senate.

Jesuits = 50, 50 (their masters)
America = 50 (the ritual concerned America, which is controlled by Jesuits)
Washington = 50 (the alleged seat of ‘Presidential’ power)

And speaking of their masters, the Superior General, aka., the Black Pope, Arturo Sosa celebrated his 74th birthday on that exact same day, on November 12. And what do you do with numbers in occult secret societies? Yes, you read them backwards. 74 is the same as 47.

Catherine is the serving senator in Nevada, representing the Democrats.

Nevada = 47
Democrat = 47 (one side of the same coin)
Government = 47 (the fake authority)
White House = 47 (seat of the government, the ‘president’)
President = 47 (title of the head of government)
Catherine = 47 (her first name)
Cortez Masto = 47 (her middle- and surname, what the media also calls her)

And counting forwards, from November 12 to her next birthday on March 29, 2023, is 137-days away. A number very similar in meaning of politics to that of 47. Such a coincidence, no?

Democrat = 137
Government = 137
White House = 137
Washington D.C. = 137

And 137 being very close to the Freemasonic 47 is no coincidence, as 137 is the 33rd prime number! 33, the most important number to the Freemasons, just as Catherine Cortez is ‘CC’ or ‘33.’ There are no coincidences. Everything is cleverly coded from the beginning.

Catherine is currently 58-years old and she’s the reason the Democrats retain ‘Senate majority’ after the ‘Senate elections,’ which of course was staged and fabricated by the Freemasons.

Senate Majority = 58
Senate Elections = 58
The Freemasons = 58
Freemasonry = 58

Also, Catherine assumed office on January 3, 2017. Thus, this victory on November 12, comes 313-days after the anniversary of her assuming office. 313 is the 65th prime number. And she is the reason the Democrats retained ‘control of Senate’ in this masonic ritual.

Control of Senate = 65
Washington D.C. = 65 (and also 56, the reflection of 65)
Masonic Ritual = 65 (and also 56, the reflection of 65)

And if you’re wondering why the ‘News’ use her middle name as in ‘Cortez Masto’ when reporting about this, here is your answer.

Cortez Masto = 155, 930
Masonic Ritual = 155, 930

Cortez Masto = 155, 142, 61, 930, 56
Freemasons = 155, 142, 61, 930, 56

Again, proven without a doubt that politics and elections are nothing but scripted theatre. Your vote does not matter. And these silly “close contests” (CC, 33) elections that we see all the time make the dumbed down masses swallow the lie all that easier as they keep thinking, “damn, it was so close. Maybe next time…”

Wake up! Stop participating in their games and start exposing them.

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