Biden and Netanyahu Spoke on the 51st Anniversary of Twin Towers’ Inauguration

According to their script, on April 4, 2024, Biden and Netanyahu spoke for 30 minutes via phone for the first time since the staged and fake Israeli strike supposedly killed seven aid workers from the World Central Kitchen in Gaza.

Of course, April 4 was the anniversary of the inauguration of the Twin Towers that took place on April 4, 1973, marking April 4, 2024, as the 51st year since the inauguration. Keep in mind that Netanyahu was born on October 21, 1949, which means that he was 51-years old when the Twin Towers were destroyed in the staged and fake “air-plane” attack.

And keep in mind that the “State of Israel” is considered the 51st state due to its annual funding and defense support from the US.

Nine-Eleven = 51
State of Israel = 51

This code, this message, tells us what we already know, that the staged and fake war between Israel and Hamas is the same thing as ‘Nine-Eleven,’ a hoax, a psy-op, a theatrical act for the world stage. And it might also indicate that more staged “terrorism” is on the agenda and soon to be served to the dumbed down public.

Of course, on this 51st anniversary, the “US President” sat down and talked with the leader of Israel.

US President = 51

April 4 can be written as 4/4, like 44. And this was allegedly about Joe Biden lashing out about the fake attack on World Central Kitchen, as in ‘WCK,’ and about the “aggression” of Israel and Netanyahu.

April 4 = 4/4 = 44

WCK = 44
Zion = 44 (used as a synonym for Jerusalem, the land of Israel)
Israel = 44
Netanyahu = 44
Joe Biden = 44
Military = 44
Shooting = 44

Of course, the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, died at age 44 in 1904, 44 years before the foundation of Israel. And do not forget Netanyahu’s “44 seconds of silence” at the UN. Everything is scripted by the numbers.

April 4 came exactly 136 days after Joe Biden’s November 20 birthday, and his message, as put in the headlines by CNN was, “Protect civilians or else.”

Protect civilians or else = 136, 136

Of course, that means that it was a span of 137 days, that Joe Biden spoke with Netanyahu on his 137th day of his age – a number very fitting for anything “presidential.”

Government = 137
White House = 137
Democrat = 137
Authority = 137
Washington D.C. = 137

As you know, all government institutions are run by Freemasons under the supervision of the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church. And as they use gematria and numerology for everything, it comes as no surprise that the number 137, just like the Freemasonic 47 that is also connected to government and authority, is the 33rd prime number, the most significant number of the Freemasons. Everything in language is cleverly coded.

Order = 33
Federal = 33
The Masons = 33
Masonry = 33

April 4 was also 166 days after Netanyahu’s October 21 birthday, and this ritualistic talk was on the 51st anniversary of the Twin Towers. Also, 166 fits the rest of the script for the ritual.

Twin Towers = 166
The White House = 166
Secret Society = 166
One World Order = 166

And again, this means that April 4 was the 167th day of Netanyahu’s age, and the “State of Israel” is considered as the 51st state of the United States.

United States = 167

167 is the 39th prime number, a number associated with ‘war’ and ‘sin,’ again aligning with the script and the ongoing psy-op of Israel and Hamas.

Also, April 4 came with a 52-date numerology, yet another number associated with the government, the White House, and the president – making it a perfect day for such a ritual.

4/4/2024 = 4 + 4 + 20 + 24 = 52

Government = 52
White House = 52
President = 52
Authority = 52

April 4 was also the 95th day of the year, and both Biden and CNN, by mentioning it several times, made sure that the story was all about the “humanitarian situation” in Gaza, in the staged and fake “Israel-Hamas War.”

Humanitarian Situation = 95
Israel-Hamas War = 95

On April 4 there were 271 days remaining in the year. 271 is the 58th prime number, yet again a number that summarizes the ritual.

Israel-Hamas War = 58
Secret Society = 58
Freemasonry = 58
The Freemasons = 58
Twin Towers = 58
Washington = 58
United States = 58

And that is it for this morning, another clearly scripted story to fuel the staged and fake psy-op of modern CGI warfare, and perhaps to tell us that more fake and staged terrorism is inbound.

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