Katie Hobbs Wins Rigged “Election” in Arizona Governor’s Race

And again, we have another big ritual, clearly showing us that everything on the world stage is predetermined, scripted, and acted out by the numbers. Your so called ‘votes’ have zero value. Voting is like giving your little brother that unplugged controller to your videogame console and letting him think he’s participating while you carry on playing. Yeah, most adults still fall for this, as I explained in my last article about these staged midterms elections.

Democrats Maintain Control of Senate in Catherine Cortez Masto Ritual, All by the Numbers

Well, this witch Hobbs, with the double ‘bb,’ looking like ’66,’ in her surname and actual first name of Kathleen with the double ‘EE,’ as in 33 mirrored, was born on December 28, 1969, making her 52-years old. Also, the selection process took place on November 8, a span of 51-days from her upcoming birthday. So, we have 51 and 52 standing out for this Katie Hobbs who just got selected as governor, in what CNN calls ‘governor’s race.’

Governor = 51
Governor’s Race = 51

Government = 52
White House = 52
Authority = 52
Governor’s Race = 52

And they waited until November 14 to announce this selection, the day leaving 47-days remaining in the year, the number of Freemasonry and government.

Also, it’s a day with 47-date numerology.
11/14/22 = 11+14+22 = 47

Government = 47 (and 52, as above)
White House = 47 (and 52, as above)
Authority = 47 (and 52, as above)
Democrat = 47
Katie Hobbs = 47

And, if you exclude the end date, the selection on November 8 was exactly 50 days from her upcoming birthday, which fits her name and the script.

Kathleen Hobbs = 50
Politics = 50
Washington = 50
Bullshit = 50
Jesuits = 50
America = 50
Rigged = 50 (what everything is)

As always, scripted and executed by the numbers. Nothing but a show.

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