The Death Ritual of Kanye West’s Mother as he Allegedly Tells Us About Ritual Sacrifice

There’s so much shenanigans going on upon the world stage it’s hard to keep up. A couple of days ago, puppet Kanye West who plays the role of the disobedient ‘whistleblower’ and a far-right superhero, said that his mother was sacrificed by the secret societies. And then he went on and said that they can control Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, LeBron James, and Jay-Z and Beyoncé, but they can’t control him. And gullible right-wingers and Q’tards licked it all up. Hilarious!

Also, if you pay attention, all of Kanye’s interviews are ‘paparazzi’ interviews, looking like someone just ran up to him with a shaky camera, started filming, and he just spilled the beans. And most of the times it’s from him sitting in his car with his window down, looking at the dude holding the camera like he’s reading the lines from a board.
Yeah, not scripted or staged at all. It’s like a new reality show for the dumbed down half-truthers to gossip about and for the sleeping masses to laugh about, pointing fingers at those crazy ‘conspiracy theorists.’

Note that the clip is 2:01, as in the Jesuit 201…

Myself and so many others have already exposed and broken down this little West puppet for what he really is, so let’s just move on to his mother.

As you might know, there are many rumors about having to sacrifice family members to reach fame and stardom. So, Kanye West speaking of this “Conspiracy Theory” strengthens his position as a ‘whistleblower’ among the gullible and weak-minded, but in truth, he’s simply controlled opposition, playing his role.

His mother, Donda C. West, died on November 10, 2007, and she had a very fateful name.

Donda = 38, 20, 97, 25, 228, 582, 213, 272, 20
Death = 38, 20, 97, 25, 228, 582, 213, 272, 20

Also, note that Donda sums to 38, which is connected to murder, as it is ’83,’ the ‘murder number’ in reverse, as we will get to.

And it ties perfectly to her son, Kanye.

Kanye = 20, 25
Donda = 20, 25
Death = 20, 25

Of course, her death on November 10 comes at a span of 61-days after Kanye’s release of his third album, ‘Graduation,’ on September 11, 2007. And releasing an album on September 11 kind of sets off your bullshit alarm.
Remember, Kanye West also goes by the silly names of ‘Yeezus,’ a mockup of ‘Jesus’ with the Freemasonic double ‘EE’ as in ’33.’

Graduation = 61
Yeezus = 61
Jesus = 61

Graduation was his third album, and the word ‘three’ is very coded and commonly used in their rituals.

Three = 56, 79
Kanye = 56, 79
Light = 56, 79 (what they say they turn to, the false light, as in Lucifer)
Society of Jesus = 56, 79 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

And remember, Kanye released his album ‘Donda,’ in tribute to his mother, on August 29, 2021, a span of 83-days after his birthday on June 8. 83 is the ‘murder by numbers’ number.

Mother = 79, 34, 83
Murder = 79, 34, 83

His mother Donda was born on July 12, thus the release of his album ‘Donda’ on August 29, comes 48-days after his mother’s birthday. Also note that both their names have the Freemasonic 33.

Kanye West = 48, 33
Donda West = 48, 33

As I said, everything he does, and they do, is scripted by the numbers. He’s nothing but a puppet; and he will continue to make ‘waves’ as they will use him as a “system reset tool.” This simply means that the ‘conscious focus’ of the “current thing” will shift without the sleeping masses noticing. The programming and the scripts running the online bots and real-life Flesh Robots (NPC’s) will switch overnight. ‘The Thing’ they were obsessively crusading for yesterday will be forgotten, as the new ‘current thing’ will be in focus. We’ve seen this over and over again all through history.

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