Murder by Numbers — Black Racism: Bob Marley’s Grandson Joseph Mersa Dead at 31

Yes, it’s getting hard to keep up with all the sacrifice rituals of actors, musicians, and other semi-celebrities. I explained the why in my article from yesterday, as this has nothing to do with the pokey, the magic potion, but all to do with rituals, the infodemic, and gaslighting.

Murder by Numbers: Kathy Whitworth, Ronan Vibert, and Dax Tejera

Joseph Mersa Marley was allegedly found dead in a vehicle, yesterday, on Tuesday, December 27. South Florida WZPP radio station and IBT claimed that he died of an asthma attack. Well, I had severe asthma and allergies for 35 years until I healed all of it in 2018 with our species appropriate, species specific diet of animal foods and 9 days of fasting, which 4 days total was dry fasting in two intervals. And no, you hardly die from an asthma attack. I had plenty as a sick and weak kid, throwing up bile for hours from all the medicine and adrenaline they gave me while gasping for air and suffering from a double-sided pneumonia.

So, no, considering his semi-celebrity status, this was a sacrifice. They either killed him or killed his character and he will reappear on the world stage in another role. Simply looking at some of the numbers and the associated gematria will verify this beyond doubt.

The first obvious clue is that he died on December 27, the day leaving only 4 days remaining in the year. Four is associated with death, as the Chinese word for “four” (四, pinyin: sì, jyutping: sei3), sounds quite similar to the word for “death” (死, pinyin: sǐ, jyutping: sei2.)

Since this kid was a grandson of Bob Marley, his death will be connected to the Jamaican singer and songwriter. Bob’s real full name was Robert Nesta Marley and he died on May 11, 1981. Now, his grandson, Joseph, died on December 27, exactly a Freemasonic 33-weeks after Robert’s death anniversary.

Robert = 33 (Bob’s real first name)
Arsenic = 33 (code for murder, as in using arsenic
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33
Bob Marley = 33
Reggae = 33 (what the Marley family was famous for)
Asthma Attack = 33

And Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945, which means that Joseph died exactly 5 weeks and 6 days, as in their hoax code of 56, before the anniversary of Bob’s next birthday on February 6, 2023. 56 fits perfectly with his artist-name of ‘Jo Mersa Marley’ and Bob’s real full name.

Jo Mersa Marley = 56 (Joseph’s artist name)
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Mersa = 56, 56, 56
Robert Nesta Marley = 56 (Bob’s real full name)
Freemasons = 56

And, as you know, 5 weeks and 6 days is the same as a span of 42-days. The very frequently used number as it represents the 42-months that the Beast ruled in the Book of Revelation and it also represents Saturn, their Sun God. 42 is also used in black history rituals, as we will get to.

Joseph ‘Jo’ Mersa was born on March 12, 1991, and his death on December 27 comes at a span of 76 days before his next birthday. 76 is also a number seen often in black history and racism rituals, and Joseph was a man of color.

Robert Nesta Marley = 76 (Bob’s real full name)
Joseph ‘Jo’ Mersa = 76 (what the media calls him)
The Jesuit Order = 76
Masons = 76, 76, 76
Retired = 76, 76
Ritual Sacrifice = 76, 76
Blues = 76 (used in racism rituals)
Rasta = 76 (used in racism rituals)
Negro = 76 (used in racism rituals)
Slave = 76 (used in racism rituals)
A Promised Land = 76 (Obama’s memoir, often used in rituals)

Actually, remember the decode of 56 in this ritual. That number of 56 is also used in these black history racism rituals.

Blues = 56, 56 (used in racism rituals)
Rasta = 56, 56 (used in racism rituals)
Negro = 56, 56 (used in racism rituals)

Joseph’s debut EP, “Comfortable,” was released on June 10, 2014. His alleged death on December 27 comes at a span of a very Jesuit 201-days after the anniversary of his debut release.

Joseph ‘Jo’ Mersa Marley = 201 (how Wikipedia addresses him)
Death by Numbers = 201
A Promised Land = 201 (again, Obama’s memoir, often used in rituals)
Order of Illuminati = 201
Ignatius of Loyola = 201 (founder of the Jesuit Order)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201 (Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope)
The Jesuit Order = 201

And counting forwards, he died 23 weeks and 4 days before June 10, the anniversary of his debut EP, as in 234, matching his name and the ritual in the same cipher.. And, again, all in the Satanic cipher, it ties back to the black history and racism.

Joseph Mersa Marley = 234
Blood Sacrifice = 234
Order of Illuminati = 234
Blues = 234 (used in racism rituals)
Rasta = 234 (used in racism rituals)
Negro = 234 (used in racism rituals)
Slave = 234 (used in racism rituals)

And he’s dead at the young age of 31.

Blues = 31 (used in racism rituals)
Slave = 31 (used in racism rituals)
Asthma Attack = 31, 31

And Joseph’s dad Stephen Marley was also famous for his reggae. His dad was born on April 20, and Joseph died exactly 251-days after his dad’s birthday. And again, it matches the ritual and the black history of racism.

Ritual Sacrifice = 251
Blues = 231 (used in racism rituals)
Rasta = 231 (used in racism rituals)
Negro = 231 (used in racism rituals)
Slave = 231 (used in racism rituals)

If you still think he died “naturally” of an asthma attack or asthma complications after all these extreme connections, or of the magic potion, you really need to study coincidence theory. It’s not mathematically possible. This was all calculated and executed by the numbers. Undeniable.

Also, if you check the date-numerology for December 27, for example, 81, 45, and 39, you get a lot of hits on the Marley names and on ritual and masonic. Not to mention if you check more dates, such as his other EPs and his father’s work.

Still, if you want more, check out Joseph Acquaviva’s decode below!

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