The 42-Rituals

Anyone who knows just a little bit about gematria and how the media and entertainment industry work, knows the racism and mockery behind number 42 (and 30). I’ve touched on this in several decodings, and now Malik, a.k.a., NeoTheHacker did a great short vid on the subject.

-“I know… you want number 42?”

And if you don’t get it, 42 and 30 are very well-known and frequent numbers used in race mocking rituals towards people of color. In the clip, notice that the Barbershop is called Darnell.

And for some words sharing these numbers and why and how they are used.

Nigger = 42, 30
Reggie = 42, 30
Slavery = 42, 30
Tuskegee = 42, 30 (*)
Orleans = 42, 30 (as in New Orleans, birthplace of Jazz)
Martin = 42, 30 (Martin Luther King
Malcolm X = 42, 30
Huxtable = 42, 30 (The Cosby Show – A reference to an “Upper Middle Class” black person or family)
Snoop Dog = 42, 30
Jon Jones = 42, 30 (UFC controversial fighter)
Dr. Sebi = 42, 30 (actual name was Alfredo Bowman)
And on it goes.

(*) Tuskegee is a city in Macon County, Alabama. Tuskegee has been an important site in various stages of African American history. And you also have the Tuskegee airmen, African American military pilots.

And a little bonus from South Park, just as with The Simpsons, written by Freemasons:

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