CDC Dances Around the Extreme Rate of Heart Inflammation from Vaccines

As of late, mainstream media has been doing its best to program us to normalize strokes and heart disease, even among children! In truth, heart disease is very rare among young people and only occur at older age among those who have been clogging themselves with vegetable oils (seed oils) and processed carbohydrates. In healthy people following our natural species appropriate diet of carnivorism, any kind of disease, especially cardiovascular disease, is non-existent. However, since the roll-out of the depopulation vaccines, they are doing everything they can to program the sheep into believing sickness and disease is normal, and that you can die of heart failure any day of the week. It’s insane!

Remember the silly “stealth heart disease” warning in the U.K.? Or the newly started campaign to raise awareness for heart disease in women?

As for this article, CDC is considering changes to vaccine guidance that would lengthen the amount of time between doses in order to lower the risk of heart inflammation for ‘immunocompromised’ people. Well, that is simply admitting that the vaccine cause heart problems, but they try to limit the exposure to ‘compromised’ people. Sure, if you are overweight, have nutrition deficiencies, are toxic and so on, anything you do put you at a higher risk of dying. That is common sense. And they don’t want everyone to die right away, that could even scare some of the sheep standing in line for their clot-shot.

And as always, these stories are part of the script. The announcement came this Friday, February 4, as in 4/2 or 42. Just after the restrictions started to drop all over the world.

February = 42
Vaccine = 42
Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42

The vaccinations started in the US on Bill Gates 42nd day of his age. And 42 was used in the vaccines for 6 months old’s ritual. And many other.

February 4 is also 2/4, as in 24. And the article mentions that “compromised” people need four jabs.
Four = 24
CVD’s = 24 (cardiovascular diseases)

And February 4, 2022 = 2/4/2022 = (2) + (4) + (20) + (22) = 48
Four = 48
CVD’s = 48
Vaccination = 48
Four Shots = 48

CVD = 29, 52
Four Jabs = 29, 52
Heart = 29, 52

And remember, on February 4, there were 330 days remaining in the year, as in the Freemasonic 33.

And at the bottom of this story, they claim that ‘33-million people’ between 12 and 39, are unvaccinated. I bet there are more, but ‘33’ is such a perfect number for them.

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