TIME Magazine Cover – Year of the Tiger and Black Goo Symbolism

This is solely my interpretation and it was done in 20 minutes. It goes hand in hand with my article from yesterday, about pandemic restrictions being dropped all over the world as we entered the Year of the Tiger.
And following this theme, the Jesuit Time Magazine’s latest cover has been released for the next issue hitting the stands on February 14 – and it has one single message, “How Covid Ends.”

As for the cover itself, it’s red and black, hinting at Satan. You have the silly CGI-illustration of the fake and imaginary Covid-19 virus splattered in red on a black surface – or that is the first impression anyway.
The black itself can be interpreted as Black Goo, especially if you understand that in Satanism, they do everything mirrored, in reverse and upside-down. Go from right to left, and it’s the Black Goo invading and covering up the imaginary virus. Black Goo as in Graphene Oxide or simply the “vaccinations.” Red is the virus, black is the vaccine, or ‘Black Goo.’

Notice how the ‘virus’ particles cover the upper right half of the ‘T’ in Time. Now read it from right to left, and upside down. Yes, ‘EWIL.’ Evil with an ‘w,’ or, in Hebrew, ‘ewil’ means ‘fool.’ Ewil is someone who not only lacks sense but is morally deficient or corrupt. It is about someone who either ignores the moral government of God or acts in opposition to God’s sovereign reign or both. In other words, Satanism, and exactly what everyone has been doing to push this staged and fake pandemic, and especially the maiming, sterilizing, and deadly vaccines.

The cover has a single phrase, “How Covid Ends.”

How Covid Ends = 60
Time Magazine = 60

How Covid Ends = 183
Order Out of Chaos = 183 & 75 (the strategy of the fake pandemic and the motto of Freemasons and Satanists)
Zombie Apocalypse = 183 & 75 (symbolic, as in people getting sick and dies from the vaccine, aka., the depopulation agenda)

How Covid Ends = 57
Covid Variant = 57 (as in Omicron, see below)
Covid-19 Shot = 57 (as in the vaccines, the Black Goo)
Vaccine = 57 (promoted by the ‘ewil’ ones)
Vaccinate = 57 (promoted by the ‘ewil’ ones)
Six Sixty-Six = 57 (Number of the Beast, symbolic for the vaccines)
World Fooled = 57 (everyone who believed the pandemic to be real)

The main article connected to the cover is called “Omicron Could Be the Beginning of the End of the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Keep in mind that Time Magazine ‘reverses’ to 201, exactly as The Jesuit Order does.

Time Magazine = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Tiger = 201 (as in ‘Year of the Tiger’)
End of the COVID-19 Pandemic = 201 (from the headline of their article)

And the release date of February 14 is significant as well.
February 14 = 101 (the narrow gate)
February 14 = 47 (the degrees on the Freemasonic compass and the reflection of 74, the God-number)
February 14 = 53 (Covid sums to 53, the keyword)

And we know that they love to use ‘Black Goo’ in illustrations and in ads. As in this one:

This is another hint that the pandemic will slow down for a while. That they will lure in a lot of people to believing that it’s almost over. As I covered yesterday here:

Covid-19 Restrictions Dropping World-Wide as Year of the Tiger Gets Underway

Most likely the fake pandemic will be replaced with something else for a while, something that will further Agenda 2030. Something like a war? We do have a scripted conflict brewing between Russia and Ukraine… A war would work just like a fake pandemic, even better if you want to use sanctions as an excuse to increase the prices of fuel, gas and food.

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