Article Hinting for Mandatory Vaccination – Will 2022 Be The Year Our Fate is Sealed?

You know the drill. Brainwashing and accepting new ideas without actually thinking and rationalizing is done through repetition and fear.

Lately there have been a lot of talk about new lockdowns and restrictions for the remaining real humans, the unvaccinated, and also a lot of chatter about Mandatory Vaccinations – most unthinkable violation against human rights. Will 2022 be the year humanity’s fate is sealed?

In Gematria you can remove the zeroes in numbers with three digits or more, as zeroes has no value and most words and phrases only break down to two- or three-digit numbers.

2022 = 222
Mandatory Vaccination = 222

What else of relevance is 222?

Wuhan Coronavirus = 222 (very important keyword as they staged the origin of the fake outbreak in Wuhan)
World Economic Forum = 222 (the puppets that are behind Cyber Polygon and speaking of The Great Reset – economic reset and depopulation)
Hacker Attack = 222 (staged attacks has increased and is an excuse for shutting down services, especially for payment)
Order Out Of Chaos = 222 (the freemasons motto, the order tasked to stage this fake pandemic)

Also, February 22, as in 22/2 or 2/22, as in 222, will be an date of interest concerning this topic.

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