No vax, pay tax, says Canada as they go full New World Order

You know the saying, ‘never go full retard,’ unfortunately, that is what the world has been doing since the staged and fake pandemic surfaced in 2020.
And now, Canada, just like Australia, is hinting on the next step in Agenda 2030, the next step to the New World Order, as they want to tax every real untouched and unaltered human beings with a fee no less than C$100 ($79.50.)

If you read between the lines, you should understand that this is only possible when going through medical records, which means that everyone is being registered as either a good obeying sheep or a terrorist. Medical records and your medical status, as in your “zone of privacy,” is supposed to be sealed, protected by various laws and the constitution.

And of course, this is pure mocking, since the only people in the hospitals are those having side-effects from their vaccinations, however, they do not count as vaccinated until 2 to 3 weeks after their shot. All by design to paint the picture they want. Until this date, I still don’t know anyone who has gotten so badly “sick” from their natural detoxification process (what they call a “flu” or “covid”) that they had to visit a hospital. I do know hundreds of people who have had the ‘vax’ though, and had to visit the hospital – including more than 10 people who died shortly after their vaccination. And that is only people I’ve met, if we count everyone who has contacted me or written, we are in the thousands.

With that being said, this little stunt from Francois Legault, premier of Quebec since 2018, comes on January 11, 2022, a day with 111-numerology.
January 11 = 1/11 = 111

Vaccination = 111
Mandatory = 111
Covid Mandate = 111 (the road to making it mandatory)
Legault = 111 (the puppet pushing this idea)

That is what they want, mandatory vaccination. Fascism. A world where you no longer own your own body, where you can be violated by your own government – the people who actually were put there to serve you and the society. However, in the New World Order, they put themselves above you – as they are being led along like puppies by the secret societies.

January 1, 2022 = 1/11/22 = 1 + 1 + 1 + (22) = 25
C$100 = 25

And why Canadian $100?

Canadian $100 = 53
No vax, Pay tax = 53
Covid-19 Shot = 53
Quebec = 53
Covid = 53 (keyword)
Divide = 53 (what it is about, dividing people into groups, pitting them against each other)

Notice how Quebec and Covid line up so well. That is the reason why Quebec is often in the news when they make up stories about fake Covid in Canada.

And again, who’s face did they put on this idea?

Francois Legault = 163
No vax, Pay tax = 163

Note that Francois was born on May 26, and while this announcement was made late on January 11, most news agencies held off and did not publish this story until January 12, which is exactly 134 days before his upcoming birthday.

No vax, pay tax = 134
The Jesuits = 134 (his masters, the order writing the script)

And counting from his previous birthday, his announcement came exactly 33 weeks later. The freemasonic code.

Corona = 33 (Reverse Full Reduction)

And they call this tax paying a “Health Contribution.”

Health Contribution = 88, 101

88 as in the infinite loop, i.e., that history repeats itself. World War II, anyone?

And 101 which symbolizes the narrow gate. Jesus taught about the narrow gate in both Matthew 7:13-14 and Luke 13:23-24. In both places, entrance through the narrow gate is limited to only a small group of people – the gate or door through which every person must enter for eternal life. Clearly a reference to the depopulation agenda. This is why many vaccine stories are coded with 111 (as this one), because “Vaccination,” “Culling” and “The Culling” is 111 in gematria, and while “101” symbolized two pillars with an opening in the middle, “111” symbolized the same narrow gate with the door closed in the middle. Again, as in depopulation, as in the great culling, denying access to the narrow gate by removing the useless eaters by a vaccine that makes them transhuman.

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