Today’s Propaganda: Vietnamese man jailed for five years for spreading coronavirus

Imaging that, being jailed for something that is less likely to be real than the Teletubbies or the wisecracking talking horse Mister Ed.
Yes, of course it’s pure bullocks. There is no coronavirus, there is no contagion, but there is a quiet war being waged upon us with silent weapons. Weapons such as government, the media, the fake western ‘modern’ medicine, the big corporations, and now the maiming jab – made possible by this fake and staged pandemic.
So, this little propaganda piece is simple conditioning. The message is clear, “this is what awaits you unless you bend the knee and surrender your humanity”.
And as always with these fabricated stories, they are heavily coded in numerology and gematria, their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

The story claims the following:

“Vietnam jailed a man on Monday for five years for breaking strict Covid-19 quarantine rules and spreading the virus to others, state media reported.

Le Van Tri, 28, was convicted of “spreading dangerous infectious diseases” at a one-day trial at the People’s Court of the southern province of Ca Mau, according to the state-run Vietnam News Agency (VNA).”

Le Van Tri, sound a lot like “lavatory”, as in you should wash up and be clean, but that is probably just a coincidence. No mocking here, right?

Story broke on September 7, 2021, as in 9/7/21 = 9+7+2+1 = 19, as in ‘Covid-19’, perfect numerology for a fake covid story…

Le Van Tri: 101 (English Ordinal)
Unvaxxed: 101 (Reverse Ordinal)

Le Van Tri: 38 (Full Reduction)
Covid-19: 38 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Le Van Tri: 115 (Reverse Ordinal)
Unvaxxed: 115
“Vietnamese man jailed”: 115 (Reverse Full Reduction)
And this story broke on September 7, leaving 115 days remaining in the year.

Le Van Tri: 52 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Five years”: 52 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Ok, so we got a match on the fake Covid, what the story is about. And then a complete match on the topic; “Unvaxxed”, “Vietnamese man jailed”, “Five years”.
Le Van Tri is also a double match for ‘unvaxxed’. Very neatly coded, and so darn obvious.

Also, it should be mentioned that ‘101’ and ‘115’ are both a match for several words concerning the vaccine and its real purpose, Revelation of the Method, such as:

Le Van Tri: 101
Vaccine Kill: 101 (what it does)
Inoculation Kills: 101 (what all vaccines do to a degree)
Vaccine Depopulation: 101 (what it is used for)
Sustainable Development Goals: 101 (What the UN and World Economic Forum call the depopulation agenda to fool the weak-minded)

Depopulation by Vaccine: 115 (matches with the date and Le Van Tri)
Graphene Oxide Nanotechnology: 115 (what is in the vaccine)
Masonic: 115 (reference to the Freemasons, the one orchestrating this fake pandemic by the instructions of the Jesuits)

Le Van Tri is said to be 28 years old.
Twenty-Eight: 57
September 7, 2021 = 9/7/2021 = 9+7+20+21 = 57
Vaccine: 57 (what they want you to take, so you’re no longer human)
Nanotechnology: 57 (what is in the shot)
World Fooled: 57 (truth in plain sight, telling us it is all fake)

September 7, 2021 = 9/7/21 = 9+7+21 = 37
Le Van Tri: 37 (Jew Red)
28 years: 37 (Jew Red)
Agenda 2030: 37 (what this is about)
The Jesuits: 37 (always leaving their mark, the ones writing the script)

And for some keywords, showing how everything is fabricated:

Vietnam: 84
Covid-19 Quarantine: 84
Very fitting to have a ridiculous ‘stay-at-home’ order for fake covid in Vietnam.

Vietnamese: 46 (Le Van Tri is a Vietnamese man who…)
28 years: 46 (allegedly is 28 years old)

It should be more than obvious by now that all these stories are fabricated to fit their narrative, the propaganda, the conditioning and brainwashing.

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