Kelli Hand, music producer, dead by the numbers. Tied to Obama’s birthday and current events.

This is for the people who are somewhat woke and can see. If you’re not there yet, you might want to skip this or your head will spin.

If you’re not familiar with the entertainment industry, there are mainly two ways it works. One, you sign a contract forfeiting your name, human rights, and soul for fame and money. You obey your handlers and there is always a price to pay down the road. The parasites running these industries are the henchmen of the people running this world. They worship the Sun God and everything they do is ritualistic, tied to the occult (Satanism) and their belief system. That is how they believe they can stay on the top and rule our world, shape our reality, and write “our” history (his-story).
Two, you are born into it through a family deep inside one of the secret societies and you get pretty much MK-ultra programming for a role, or multiple roles, from early childhood.

Once your time is up, as it matches their numerology and gematria, the character you play is terminated. If you are talented and has risen within their order, you might be assigned a new role to play. You’ll get to re-invent yourself. Otherwise, you might not be as lucky. As for Kelli? Who knows?

Let’s look at this story and show you the gematria and numerology behind this ritual.

Kelli Hand, or ‘K-Hand,’ died on August 3, 3/8 as in 38, after 25 years in the music industry.
K-Hand: 38, 25
Death: 38, 25

Match on the date as well as the allowed length of her career.

Actually, K-Hand is a match for Death on all four English Ciphers, including the Satanic and the English Sumerian. And the number 38 is tightly associated with death in the entertainment industry, as we’ve seen hundreds of times.

Murder: 38/83
Death: 38
Killing: 38
RIP: 38
Chronos: 38

Chronos, as in the personification of ‘time’ in Greek Mythology, as in, “it’s your time” or, “your time is up”.

In 1990 she founded her own label, Acacia.
Acacia: 144 (Rev Ord)
Jesuit Order: 144
Time: 144 (Jewish)

No surprises there. Connection to her masters at the Jesuit Order and to time, as decoded through Chronos and the date of her death, 3/8.

Acacia: 18, 45 (Rev Full Red)
IHS: 18, 45 (The Jesuit symbol)
Ritual: 45
Climate: 45

What, why Climate? Well, her single “Global Warning”, was released by Warp Records on October 17, 1994. We know that the Global Warming hoax is tied to the Corona Virus hoax. Two fabricated lies that are happening now to further the New World Order. So, why is that single important, and how does it tie in with current events?

The news of her death comes on August 4, 2021, the 216th day of the year, with 149 days remaining.
Global Warning: 216
Revelation: 149

Corona Covid-19 Virus: 216 (Jew Ord)
Complete Chaos: 216
IHS: 216 (Eng Sumerian)
The Roman Catholic Church: 216 (Jew Ord)
A New Global Order: 149 (Jew Ord)
Scripted Plague: 149 (Jew Ord)
Vaccination Death: 149

That is what we are experiencing now, and complete chaos is to come, just look at Australia.
So, what exactly was the hidden message behind that single, what revelation?

October 17, 1994 = 10+17+1+9+9+4 = 50
Kelli Hand: 50
Jesuits: 50

October 17, 1994 = 10+17+9+4 = 40
Kelli Hand: 40
Fake Virus: 40
Silent War: 40

October 17, 1994 = 10+17 = 27
Climate: 27
The Flu: 27, 27

October 17, 1994 = 10+17+19+94 = 140
Climate Crisis: 140

October 17, 1994 = 10+17+94 = 121
Silent War: 121
World Health Organization: 121

Kelli Hand is of course coded with the release date of her own single, and so are some of their favorite words concerning what is happening today. They just happen to match her hit-single release date, with an interesting name such as “Global Warning” – a warning to what is about to come – or are they simply warning us that it will get a lot worse by referencing this single? Maybe both.

And it was released in 1994, as in ’94. When it comes to the fake Climate Crisis and the coronavirus scam, 94 is almost as a strong number as 56. And We’ll get there in a bit…

Roman Catholic Church: 94
Coronavirus Pandemic: 94
Climate Crisis: 94
Operation Warp Speed: 94 (Donald trump’s vaccine roll-out, a play on ‘Warp Records’)
Vaccination Death: 94

Now, the most important part, and if you read the headline, you should know it. Yes, she was found dead at the age of ‘56’! I written several posts about 56 and why it became so important in 2020 as they rolled out the fake pandemic.

Society of Jesus: 56 (The Jesuit Order)
Coronavirus: 56
Corona Covid: 56
Covid Vaccine: 56
Virus Outbreak: 56
Wuhan Corona: 56
A Viral Psy-Ops: 56
Pandemic Plot: 56
Planned Virus: 56
Fear Controls: 56
Mind Control: 56
Quiet Wars: 56
Anthony Fauci: 56
The First Purge: 56

The news of Kelli’s death was announced on August 4, Obama’s 60th birthday, the 216th day of the year. And notice she is dead at age 56, like how Barack Hussein Obama won the 56th U.S. Presidential election in 2008, becoming #44.
Detroit: 44 (Kelli’s hometown)

Obama’s new book, a “Promised Land’, was released November 17, 2020, the day leaving 44 days in the year, and when he still was 59 years old.
A Promised Land: 59 (Obama’s age on the release)
56-years of age: 59 (Kelli’s age at her death)
Warp Record: 59 (her single’s label)
Fifty-Six: 44 (44 days left in year on release)

This story came 10-weeks and 3-days after Obama’s birthday
Obama: 103

Also, with the racism when people of color are involved.
Slave: 59, 76
Negro: 59, 76
Blues: 59, 76
Rasta: 59, 76
Kelli Hand: 59, 76
Barack Obama: 76
A Promised Land: 76

And, finally…

October 17, 1994 = 10+17+94 = 121
Blood Sacrifice: 121

K-Hand: 97
Death: 97
Covid vaccination: 97
Depopulation by Vaccine: 97
Operation Warp Speed: 97 (Jew Red)

Kelli: 86
Blood Sacrifice: 86
Human Sacrifice: 86
First Purge: 86
Vaccine is the Killer: 86

The same keywords and phrases repeat themselves several times, making it impossible to be coincidences. We know they have been running with the Climate Crisis scam since the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 as they put out the nonsense about CO2 in the late 50’s. And the coronavirus pandemic was first simulated at MIT in 1973 and has been planned ever since.

Also keep in mind that they use the entertainment industry, such as music, movies, sport, and tv-shows as a Revelation of the Method. They show, in coding, what they are planning, and if you’re not smart enough to pick up on it and say no, you consent by being silent. That is their view on Karma. They warned us all along.

So, yes. Kelli’s death, whether it was her ‘entertainment business persona’, or her real death, was very much a ritual and scripted since the day she put her name on the contract. And the ties to Obama is just how they do it, coding and tying stories together for their “word magic”.

Also, take note that Barack Obama has surfaced a lot in the news as of late, and in several decodings. Just as Donald Trump…

And speaking of Obama’s 60th birthday…

$6 + $60 + $600 = $666. Of course, a 666 from Mr. 666 himself… Number of the Beast.

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