NoVAK’s had ‘no VAXX’ and is allegedly fighting ‘Deportation’

Yes, there are actually people, even diet-woke “truthers,” who believe in this silly story featuring the puppet Novak Djokovic – making him out to be some anti-vaccine hero. Again, you’re being played. All his previous tennis games have been rigged and many decoders predicted the exact results. All “stars” and “celebrities” are controlled puppets. If you do not know this, it’s back to truther school for you!

Now, his name ‘Novak’ is of course a play on words to mock the sheep, as ‘No-Vak’ sounds and almost spell like “No-Vaxx.” Also, his surname ‘Djokovic” sounds like it has “joke” inside of it. ‘No-Vak DJOK-o-Vic,’ – ”No Vaxx Joke.” You have to be a bit slow not to notice this simple mockery.

This story, of course, hit the headlines on January 6, which was 666 days after the Coronavirus was declared a “pandemic” by WHO on March 11, 2020. This is obviously a fabricated and planted story for a ritual. You need to check the date and its numerology and how it connects with the theme of the story.

Vaccination = 666 (story about refusing vaccination 666 days after the declaration)

January 6 can be written as 1/6, as in 16, and the 16th Prime Number is 53.

Novak Djokovic = 53
Covid = 53 (keyword, the theme)
Deceive = 53 (what they and he does)

And the story is about him facing deportation from Australia.

Deportation = 56 (the pandemic hoax code)
Coronavirus = 56 (what it is about)
Covid Vaccine = 56 (what it is about, what he allegedly is against)
Society of Jesus = 56 (the Jesuit Order, his masters and the order writing the script)

Novak was born on May 22, 1987. This story broke on January 6, as in 6/1 or 61, which is 137 days before his upcoming birthday.

Deportation = 137 & 61 (137 days before, and story broke on 6/1, as in 61)
Vaccine Dispute = 61 (what it is said to be about)

And he’s facing deportation from Australia because of vaccination rules.

Australia = 102 & 69
Vaccination Rules = 102 & 69

And, of course, Australia has been hit hard with the fake pandemic, as part of the social experiment to see how people succumb to totalitarian dictatorships.

Australia = 30
Corona = 30
Vaccine = 30

Australia = 141
Covid Vaccination Status = 141
Vaccination Certificate = 141

This is the price you pay for becoming a “star” and being successful in your profession. They own you, and you have to play along.

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