All world-famous people are invented and played by actors

Yes, I’ve touched on this subject many, many times in the last four years. However, this is one of many important things to understand about our world and that everything is fabricated, staged, and fake. It’s all theatre for the masses to control us. To give us false idols, to tell us how to think, what to believe in, and what to waste precious time and money on.

All world-famous people are invented, just as you invent a character in a story and give it a background. They are NOT real people. They are characters, just as in a movie, played by one or several actors.
When one of these characters has played out its role, it’s killed off in a ritual and the actors get new roles to play, or are retired.

Since the secret societies that run the show believe in karma and that they must tell us what they are doing and what they are planning, they do this in subtle (by gematria, numerology) and sometime in plain obvious ways (as you will see below.) This is called “Revelation of the Method.”

Below are a few good examples of this, and how they at the same time are mocking us, which is another form of ritual (as they see us as slaves, nothing more than useless eaters, as cattle.)

Here is ‘David Bowie’ appearing just after “his” death talking about “how a part of him has died” after they killed the character he was playing. No makeup to look like someone else and didn’t even bother to change his voice.
Note that at 0:56 he slips and says, “when I look back at my career…”

And here is Michael Jackson, playing the role of his imaginary friend “Dave Dave” talking about the death of his character. Although wearing Theatrical Makeup, the nose is left untouched and the eyes and voice never lies.

And John Cena, interviewed by Howard Stern in 2006 when he signed a contract to be an actor in Hollyweird, stating that he is simply an owned character playing the role of “John Cena.”

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