Aaand… The “Terrorist” Bombings Are Back in a Freemasonic 47-Ritual, Liverpool Women’s Hospital Explosion

As many of us predicted after the Jesuit ritual in the Afghan “overthrow” of the government by the fake CIA-Taliban on August 15, staged ‘false-flag’ terror attacks are coming back. We’ve seen a few incidents hinting at this and now, this Sunday, the Freemasons staged a fake terror bombing outside of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. And this one is extremely easy to decode using simple numerology and gematria.

The bomb supposedly blew up in a taxi outside the hospital at 11:00 GMT on ‘Remembrance Sunday,’ November 14, 2021, leaving 47 days remaining in the year. The bomber ‘Emad Al Swealmeen’, (with the double “ee” as in “33”), from Kensington, allegedly died in the explosion. 47 is the number of degrees on the Freemasonic compass and it’s also the reflection of 74, the God number. The most important numbers for Freemasons are 33, 47, and 74.

Liverpool = 47 (where it took place on the date with 47 days remaining in the year)
Kensington = 47 (they say he lived in the Kensington area of Liverpool, how convenient!)
Swealmeen = 47 (the surname of the bomber just happens to be 47 too)
Osama bin Laden = 47 (always coded in terrorist stories as a tribute to their invented CIA-puppet)
Government = 47 (also involved as they are mostly Freemasons taking orders from the Jesuits)
Vatican = 47 (the Catholic Church/The Jesuit Order)

They said it was a “homemade bomb” by Al Swealmeen that went off on November 14, 2021.
November 14, 2021 = 11/14/2021 = 11+14+20+21 = 66
Homemade Bomb = 66
Al Swealmeen = 660 = 66

November 14, 2021 = 11/14/2021 = 11+14+2+0+2+1 = 30
Swealmeen = 30 (Septenary)
Bomb = 30 (Jewish Ordinal)

And using the Jewish Reduction cipher and the date numerology, we sum up some of the most important keywords. Take that you coincidence theorist!

November 14, 2021 = 11/14/21 = 11+14+21 = 46
Rutland Avenue = 46 (where Swealmeen lived according to the story)
Al Swealmeen = 46
Thirty-two = 46 (his alleged age)
Homemade Bomb = 46 (what he allegedly used)

Keep in mind that the prominent Freemason Albert Pike said that numbers with just one digit off is almost as a strong connection as a full match. So, for them, 46 is almost like their beloved 47, making the ritualistic connections stronger.

And as a tribute to those in charge, we have the usual connection.
Al Swealmeen = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)
Society of Jesus = 187 (Reverse Ordinal) (aka The Jesuit Order)
And they say that the UK terror threat level was raised to “severe…”
UK terror threat level = 187 (Reverse Full Reduction EP)

And “severe” just happens to be ‘74’ in English Ordinal, the God-number and the reflection of ‘47’. Also, Liverpool is ‘74’ in Reverse Full Reduction EP.

And for more synchronicity…

Emad Al Swealmeen = 52 (his full name)
Liverpool = 52 (where it happened)
Kensington = 52 (where the “terrorist” lived)
Four Men = 52 (they allegedly arrested four men)

32-year-old = 40 (they said he was 32-year-old)
Refugee = 40 (they said he was a refugee from Syria)

And a 32-year-old…
Refugee = 32 (a 32-year-old refugee with…)
Bomb = 32 (a bomb…)

Eleven GMT = 40 (this happened at 11:00 GMT)
32-year-old = 40
Refugee = 40
Emad = 40 (his first name)

Eleven = 63 (11:00 GMT)
Women’s Hospital = 63 (the alleged target)

And this happened on a Sunday…
Sunday = 84
Terrorism Act = 84

And why did they say it was four men who got arrested for allegedly helping Swealmeen?

Four Men = 97, 34
Swealmeen = 97, 34
Four Men = 38
Al Swealmeen = 38

Yes, every little detail in these stories is fabricated and staged.
Be prepared for more staged false-flag acts of “terrorism” by your beloved Government and their Freemasons.

From the Facebook comments…

What about ’56’?

56 was not really relevant for this false-flag operation by the Freemasons – and it was not on a day with any 56-numerology, that is more for their One World Government and Agenda 2030 rituals, which most of the time comes directly from the Jesuits. For hands-on false flags and psy-ops, it’s usually the Freemasons that arranges it, especially staged and fake terror attacks and shootings – anything that involves the police.

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