Kobe Bryant is NFL Star Myles Garrett

If you know anything about the entertainment industry and about fabricated “celebrities”, you know that they are all actors simply playing roles they’ve been assigned. When they have achieved what they were set out to do, as per their rituals, the character is killed off, and the actor is assigned a new role. This is part of the freemason ritual, to reinvent yourself, to be born anew.

Now, every sport at the top level is fully rigged. It’s just theatre, and that’s why I never really liked sports (only MMA, but that’s rigged now as well), so I never bothered with it as there are so many other former sport fans who woke up and saw the deception and are now decoding and showing us what is going on. And that brings us to this very good decode by The Illusion of Kobe Bryant, who allegedly died on January 26, 2020. Of course, that “death” was a ritual full of gematria and symbolism. The character Kobe Bryant was killed off, but the actor playing the role of Kobe was assigned a new role, the role of Myles Garrett.

Another older decode of Kobe now being Myles:

Great decodes of rituals involving Kobe Bryant:

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