Murder by Numbers: Kathy Whitworth, Ronan Vibert, and Dax Tejera

Again, we have celebrities “dying suddenly” or from “short illness,” something that seem to happen pretty much daily now. As I’ve covered many times previous, this is not from the magic potion, the hokey pokey, as they gaslight baby-truthers and anti-vaxxers to believe, but from ritual sacrifices – as they’ve done for hundred of years. Nothing new, except that they have stepped it up a notch. Something bigger is likely at the horizon. I did predict an increase in sacrifices, deaths, and staged deaths this year as it started out with the Boganoff Twins, Kim Mi-soo, Bob Saget, Volodymyr Virchis, and Chelsie Kryst. Below is a quote on this and the Infodemic from my Bob Saget decode, and yes, here we are.

You just can’t make this shit up! So scripted, so planned out. And as I said in my decode of the death of Kim Mi-soo, this is just the beginning. They will sacrifice a lot of low-rated celebrities this year as a ‘tribute’ to their fake and staged coronavirus pandemic that brought on the vaccines, but more importantly, the fake pandemic was the gate to the infodemic and online censorship. It started with targeting people questioning not only the pandemic, but the vaccines and alleged deaths, and that is the route they are now taking, by gaslighting anti-vaxxers and baby-truthers to believe that every death is from the magic potion, the vaccine. This in turn will fuel the ‘necessity’ to step beyond “fact checking” and start censoring and even labeling anti-vaxxers as dangerous, as terrorists. I will cover this in more depth in coming articles if my prediction pans out.
//Joachim Bartoll, January 10, 2022

Now, the latest sacrifice, or retirement, is that of Golfer and LPGA star Kathy Whitworth that died on Christmas Eve, December 24, which by coincidence just happened to be 88-days after her birthday and she is famous for winning 88 LPGA tournaments. Even CBS calls her “Winningest Golfer,” which matches 88. Such mockery.

Ritual Killing = 88
Masonic Ritual = 88
LPGA = 88, 88
Winningest Golfer = 88

And, of course, she was 83-years-old – the infamous murder number that is the reflection of 38, the other murder number…

Murder = 83
Killed = 83
Masonry = 83
Ritual Sacrifice = 83
Society of Jesus = 83 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

And Kathy Whitworth died on Christmas Eve…

Kathy Whitworth = 74
Christmas Eve = 74
Killing = 74
Ritual = 74, 74

For a more extensive decode, check Joseph’s video below.

Another ritual that hit the news on Christmas Eve was the death of Dax Tejera at only 37-years old. Dax was the producer of George Stephanopoulos’ ‘This Week,’ and he allegedly died on December 23. Being young and in great physical shape, his death really put fuel on the fire for the anti-vaxxers – and of course, that was on purpose as this was simply yet another death ritual by the numbers.

Dax died at 37-years-old, which, of course, matches the show ‘This Week’ that he worked on as a producer.

This Week = 37
Producer = 37
Retirement = 37
Killed = 37
Ritual = 37

The media mentions that he was only a ‘few weeks’ shy of his 38th birthday. They mention this because 38 is the infamous murder number, the reflection of 83, and that it was a ‘Christmas killing.’

Dax Tejera = 38
Christmas = 38
Killing = 38
Murder = 38
Death = 38
RIP = 38
Dead = 38, 38, 38

For a full decode, check Joseph’s video and the links below.

George Stephanopoulos’s producer for ‘This Week,’ Dax Tejera, drops dead at 37, just before Christmas, December 23, 2022

And finally, we have the recently announced death of ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ star Ronan Vibert, who allegedly died at 58 on December 22, after a “short illness.”

Of course, mentioning the biographical drama about Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks) is part of the ritual, as Disney is a very Jesuit- and Freemasonic operation. And by now, you should know the importance of the number 201.

Saving Mr. Banks = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Walt Disney World = 201
Walter Elias Disney = 201

Ronan allegedly died following a battle with a “short illness.” Also, Ronan just happens to be one of the best matches with ‘Mason’ ever…

Short Illness = 73
Ronan = 73, 62, 28, 211, 58, 67, 22, 22, 211, 48, 72, 237, 248, 58, 22, 20
Mason = 73, 62, 28, 211, 58, 67, 22, 22, 211, 48, 72, 237, 248, 58, 22, 20
Ritual = 73
Sacrifice = 73
Ritual Sacrifice = 73

Ronan died at 58-years-old.

Ronan = 58, 58
Death by Numbers = 58, 58
Freemasonry = 58
The Freemasons = 58
Mason = 58, 58, 58

And when spelled out, ‘fifty-eight’ fits the ritual.

Fifty-Eight = 155
Freemasons = 155
Ritual Killing = 155
Masonic Ritual = 155

For a full decode, check Joseph’s video below.

Again, none of these people died of the magic potion. They were either killed, or their character was killed, all by the numbers in their ancient sacrifice rituals.

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