Matthew Perry “Dead” by The Numbers, or is He?

As I’m pressed for time this morning, this will be a short summary of the much-debated Matthew Perry’s alleged death. First and foremost, you need to realize that every single celebrity, star, and public figure on the world stage that get exposure is heavily controlled. They only let people that they control get exposure. These people are either mind-controlled puppets, as in under contract and controlled by handlers, or they are in the club, a part of a secret society such as the Freemasons; and are thus sworn to always put their allegiance to the order and their fellow brothers first, before their family and whatever ‘job’ they might have on the world stage. Actually, many of those that are part of a secret order grew up in strictly ritualistic manners and were exposed to severe mind-control as well. They were all conditioned to play roles on the world stage from a very young age.
Also, everything these people do is always coded by the numbers, as that is how GOD created this world — with the secrets and magic of language, by combining the number with the letter with the word. This is expressed in the foundational text of Kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah, or in English, The Book of Formation. In other words, the elite families and their secret societies shape our fake illusionary ‘reality’ through educational systems, the media, governmental institutions, and so on in the same way as GOD created the real world. That is their illusion, that is how they play Gods. That is also why most of the people on the world stage are fully scripted, including fabricated dates, names, and connections, all to make the numbers fit as perfectly as possible with their rituals – especially those who are mind-controlled puppets, later to be discarded.

And that takes us to these alleged ‘celebrity deaths,’ as in Matthew Perry. When someone who has been a part of the world stage, of the illusion, dies, they are either sacrificed or retired if there’s no more use for them — or the character they’re playing is terminated in the same ritual manner, and they are “reborn” into a new character to play. The latter, as in having their character killed and then being reborn is usually the case for those who are part of secret societies, as it is a very satanic ritual, or with those who has been successfully controlled and are seen as a good asset. As for Matthew Perry, one can only guess. But at merely 54, he could easily undergo some plastic surgery, some new training, and then re-emerge as a new character in two or three years. And as being part of the abysmal shit-show ‘Friends,’ where most of the cast seem to have been inverted, he might actually come back as a woman, which was probably the sex he was born with, just as the ugly broad-shouldered, square jawed, wide-necked Jennifer Aniston was likely born a man.

And as for the old Twitter/X post by “Matthew Perry” with the photoshopped t-shirt saying “Could I be any more Vaccinated?” that is simply chickenfeed for baby truthers. Please understand that all social-media pages for celebrities are run and controlled by their handlers and their staff, telling the puppets exactly what to do, what to photograph or pose for. And most of what is posted on their pages are part of their rituals and to shape their image, keeping the dumbed-down and gullible ‘fans’ in a trance and thus taking part in these rituals, feeding of their energy. That is why many played a part in the extremely big psy-op and ritual that was the coronavirus hoax and the vaccinations.

In other words, the “vaccination t-shirt” was part of the script, to make baby truthers run with the vaxx-conspiracy, reinforcing the virus lie, and once again make anti-vaxxers look bad, and paint us all as crazy conspiracy loons. Again, not one single person on the world stage got the jab, and even baby truthers are quick to point out the fakery of such images and video footage; with syringes without needles or syringes with their cap still on – but as soon as someone dies, someone that has any kind of fabricated connection to the shot, all that previous discernment gets thrown out of the window and they once again start picking at the chickenfeed, falling head first into the trap. As soon as there is anything that support one of their narratives, they go for it without thinking – and those creating this illusion knows this very well. It’s a proven tactic and they do it all the time to play both sides.

With all that said, what is most important, by simply looking at the numbers, we can easily tell that it was a scripted and pre-planned ritual as there are easily more than 50 connections with the date, the location, the person’s birthday and name, the way the person died, what he did before that alleged death, and so on, which all are impossible to be coincidences. In other words, he was meant to “die” on that specific date in that specific way. Thus, it was a ritual and not a “random” death from some imaginary clot-shot.

For all the connections, which are impossible to have happened organically, which proves that it was a scripted ritual, please check the collection of decodes below. As these people made a superb job, there’s no need for me to do a decode.

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