This Christmas, Transhumanism: The Decline of Humanity

I was about to write on this topic yesterday, but then the news of Henry Kissinger broke and I had to cover his scripted death-date instead (since I had previously mentioned that he might “die” on that day.)

Now, as for this article by CNN, it comes as no surprise that mainstream media pushes the tech-, AI-, and transhumanist agenda through conditioning as the Satanic holiday of ‘Christmas,’ or ‘Saturnalia,’ approaches.

In 1466 AD, Pope Paul II of the Catholic Church revived Saturnalia, the ancient celebration of God Saturn (Satan) as a kind of Winter Solstice festival to be held between December 17 to December 23. After the Saturnalia festivities, and a day of fasting, the renewal of light (Lucifer, Lightbringer) and the coming of the new year was celebrated in the later Roman Empire as the ‘Dies Natalis Solis Invicti,’ the “Birthday of the Unconquerable Sun” (Saturn,) on the 25th of December (aka., ‘Liberalia’.) Today it’s simply called ‘Christmas,’ however, it is the exact same ritual and all the Saturn/Satanic symbolism is still present (Santa = Satan.) In other words, if you celebrate Christmas during this time and in accordance to current traditions, you are partaking in a Satanic ritual in honor of the Elite Families’ and the Saturn Cult’s God Saturn. Giving gifts are simply symbolic of sacrifice, which in ancient times took place at the Temple of Saturn.

And if you are observant, it is no coincidence that the first Jesuit pope, as in Pope Francis, has a scripted birthday of December 17, the start-date of the ancient Roman Saturnalia ritual.

As for this story targeting parents and their kids, it’s all about conditioning parents into letting their children continue to lose their souls, minds, and contact with reality and nature by letting them submerge into fake virtual gaming realities – virtual worlds that are also filled with adult pedophiles preying on kids through in-game chats and lobbies.

In their article, CNN pretends to interview a fictional mother of two boys who posted a message on a popular Facebook “parenting group” about Robux, the virtual gaming currency for the platform Roblox as Target was having a 40%-off sale for Robux. In the moments that followed, allegedly nearly two hundred parents responded, saying they “ran to the store to buy handfuls of the cards,” or quickly added them to their online shopping carts before they sold out.

“I expect it to be the most exciting thing they open [on Christmas],” Randol, who bought two $100 Robux cards, told CNN. “Because we always say ‘no,’ they are going to be very surprised. The most they hoped to get and asked for was $20 worth.”

If that isn’t advertisement programming of the worst, I don’t know what is.

Now, why did CNN run this propaganda programming focusing on Roblox and their Robux on November 29? Because it’s a ritual like everything else they do, and it was planned by the numbers.

November 29 was the day leaving 32 days remaining in the year (or a Freemasonic 33 if you count the end-date.) A perfect match with Roblox.

Roblox = 32, 32

And November 29 was 26 days before December 25, the day of ‘Christmas.’ A match with ‘Robux’ in the same cipher, and a match with the company Roblox being pushed for Christmas.

Robux = 26, 26
Roblox = 26
Christmas = 26

Of course, 26 days until Christmas is the same as 3 weeks and 5 days, like 35. 35 represents Saturnalia, Satan, and the people behind its worship. Also, in the article by CNN, the invented mother went by the family name of ‘Randol,’ a wordplay on Santa, as in Satan.

Saturnalia = 35 (Christmas)
Catholic = 35 (created by the Catholic Church)
Jesuitism = 35 (the theology or practices of the Jesuits within the Catholic Church)
Holy See = 35 (the universal government of the Catholic Church)
Baphomet = 35 (Satan as worshipped by the Knights Templar, of which the Jesuit Order was modelled after)
Satan = 35, 35
Santa = 35, 35 (is Satan)
Randol = 35, 35 (the fake family name used in the article by CNN)

And looking at the ancient Chaldean cipher, you get the real meaning, the mirroring of what the words really mean and by looking back, what/whom associate with them.

Satanic Ritual = 35
Ritual Killing = 35 (sacrifices at the Temple of Saturn)

Simply looking at the fake in-game currency ‘Robux’ and why it is used in programming for Christmas is obvious — it lines up perfectly with Satan and Santa.

Robux = 80, 55, 255, 230, 330, 480
Satan = 80, 55, 255, 230, 330, 480
Santa = 80, 55, 255, 230, 330, 480

Being a Satanic Ritual, November 29 was also exactly 18 days before Saturnalia begins on December 17, the birthday of Pope Francis. 18 is simply symbolic for the Number of the Beast as ‘6 + 6 + 6’ equals 18. And for perfect synchronicity, November 29 came with an 18-date numerology.

11/29/23 = 1+1 + 2+9 + 2+3 = 18

18 days until Saturnalia is the same as 2 weeks and 4 days, like 24. The logotype of Roblox is a cube, as in the Cube of Saturn, the ‘Black Cube’ (Kaaba) that Muslims worship as the cube of Allah. Also notice that the cube in their logo has a lightning bolt through it, representing Lucifer as he fell from heaven as lightning. And the other fake in-game currency CNN mention is ‘V-bucks’ used in Fortnite.

Black Cube = 24, 24
Demon = 24, 24
Satanism = 24
V-bucks = 24

November 29 also came with the very Jesuit 56-date numerology, which also is fitting for that of virtual gaming and fake virtual worlds.

11/29/2023 = 1+1 + 2+9 + (20) + (23) = 56

Virtual Gaming = 56
Virtual Worlds = 56
Christmas = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Freemasons = 56

As you can see, this story was completely scripted to fit the narrative of programming as we approach Christmas, as in Saturnalia and Liberalia. And it’s all about Transhumanism, technology overtaking man, letting children be connected to the hive, withdrawing from the real world, from real consciousness.

For more on Transhumanism and the attack on our children, please read my article ‘From Transgenderism to Transhumanism, the Elite’s Vision of the Future.’

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