Facing Death and After

An update on the last couple of years. My journey and why I do what I do

Since I got more active on Social Media in late 2020 and trying to wake people up, I’ve lost about 150 ‘followers’ whose ego just can’t handle my exposing of the lies and deceit on the world stage. However, in the same time period I have gained almost 2,000 new friends.
While most of you enjoy what I write, many of you don’t really know my story. I did release a ‘small’ biography in two parts during mid-2020. I wrote that while still battling the mental exhaustion effects of the tumor I had on my brain-stem, very close to my brain. In other words, it was not very well-written and I will eventually re-write it and release a new edition. Until that book is released, let me do a quick summery. It will help you understand why I write about the stuff that I do.

I was extremely sick as a child. I had asthma, and also allergies towards pretty much anything you can name. Some of the allergies went away during puberty, but I still got sick with pneumonia and sinusitis almost every year and that continued until 2014. This was the reason I got into martial arts, weight-lifting, nutrition and the whole gym-, health-, and fitness business – in which I made my career during 1997 and 2017. I also studied western medicine for almost 17 years to complement my coaching, but foremost to try and find ways to improve my health. That did not work — as it was those practices, medicines, and drugs that actually made and kept me sick. The only times I got better was when I was doing ketogenic diets where I focused more on animal foods, but that connection did not occur to me until much later. And I always got sick when I tried to gain a lot of weight from eating crappy energy-dense foods with little nutritional value – and also when I stressed a lot with work.
It was all very obvious from where I am now. But back then I was trained to think inside of their box. I was trapped in their fake pseudo-science.

In 2014 I got my wolfdog Lovec and he was with me around the clock. I had a very specific schedule with work, writing, and was outside 3 to 5 hours a day. I arranged a dog group in Gothenburg with over 50 members and some of us met up daily in the dog yard. I got a lot of sunshine, was exposed to a lot of bacteria and dirt, and my health improved quite a bit. Still, I did not make the connections. And I was still taking toxic supplements and drugs for my asthma and allergies.

In mid-2016 I learned that the people I hired my apartment from had done so illegally since I moved there in mid-2012. I had two months to move to a new place, and finding something in Gothenburg with a wolfdog was impossible in such short time. So, as a temporary solution, I moved back to the town of Arboga where I grew up and had family. It was during these months I discovered a lump on my right leg, which grew rather quickly. It was removed in January of 2017. That ‘tumor’ had a little fibrous black-blueish glittering center with small scattered elements of scar tissue and long black string-like growths between them, making it about 5 to 6 cm (2.3 inches) all stretched out. It took almost 10 weeks for six different ‘experts’ to study it, and none of them could identify the black spider web-like strings. The ‘material/tissue’ was not in any of their databases. I discussed it with several of my own connections over the world and they said ‘Morgellons’ or ‘Nano’. And yes, these are very real. I was very skeptical at first, but after seeing pictures of what other surgeons has removed from people or things sticking out of the skin, I know that it is real. What they took out of my leg is identical to much of what I later was presented with.

During the spring of 2017 I noticed a new ‘hardness’ on my other leg – also along the IT-band near the hip. As I did some prolonged fasting (5-day water/mineral fast) and then followed a ketogenic diet, it didn’t change in size and I started feeling better. During April to June of 2017, I felt somewhat okay and I was working hard on the new company and business idea.
With all the work I put in, my stress levels were pretty high and my diet slipped quite a bit. Going from the previous somewhat nutrient dense ketogenic diet to a more mixed and “balanced” diet void of nutrients – simply eating for ‘energy’. And as soon as I felt “sick” I did the stupidest thing you can do — taking any kind of remedy available to get it to pass as quickly as possible. Little did I know that what actually happened was that the healing process, which presents itself as symptoms of “sickness” was halted as soon as I took crap that interfered with my body’s natural healing process. So, every time my body tried to detox and heal, I took something that stopped that process and the symptoms from the healing went away, fooling me into thinking that it worked. But what that actually lead to was that my body had no other option that to encapsulate the toxins in tumors to protect the rest of the body. Yes, I unknowingly did most of this to myself. That is what ‘modern medical science’ gets you! It’s a fraud, it’s vile and it’s deadly.
As a note, the origin of both the ‘tumors’ in my legs was the exact location where I had carried my mobile phone, as I always switched pockets for weight distribution. And the tumor at my brain stem was behind my ear at the neck, where I used to wear my headset for my phone…

In July of 2017, I began to experience cold/flu-like symptoms in the morning when waking up then it went away after a few hours. I didn’t give it much thought at first, as I continued to pop toxic vitamin-supplements and caffeine pills. It was not until I noticed that my energy levels began to plummet in the afternoon that I began to get a bit worried. In September of 2017 I had trouble focusing on tasks and remembering things. After another few weeks I was experiencing extreme brain fog and mental fatigue. I also lost a lot of weight. And let me tell you, my body fat is always in the single digits, so it was all muscle mass. In October I visited my doctor, got some basic blood- and stool tests done and received a long-term sick-leave. I had to drop everything. Close my businesses, cancel my clients, close down my big educational project, and just try to get through the day. I could hardly focus for more than a few minutes at a time. Reading or writing was almost impossible, and talking for more than a few minutes was exhausting as I had to really concentrate to find the right words (and sometimes I could flip them, or say another totally different word). In early December 2017, I had lost about 12 kg (27 lbs.) of body weight in only three months’ time.

I did an MRI in late December. The ‘mass’ in my left leg reached from the hip down to the knee, and had ‘eaten’ away about one third of my leg. Doctors said they couldn’t do anything. They also discovered a small mass on my brainstem, just below the brain. That could explain my extreme ‘burnt out’ symptoms.

In late January of 2018 my blood-work was a total mess. My organs (especially my kidneys) were shutting down, my thyroid gland was out of whack and I was literally dying. I probably had a few months at most. I had to find a new home for my wolfdog as I could only focus for 10 minutes or so at a time, and only in the forenoon. I was totally incapacitated in the afternoon and evenings. It was at this time I made a last effort to change my diet and going all “raw carnivore” with focusing on organ meats, fish roe and aged/fermented meats and dairy. Within a few days I felt a little better and my energy slowly came back. The animal-based diet led me to the Terrain Theory and as I started to study it whenever I had energy, all previous questions and pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place. I now understood my ‘medical history’. The germ theory and Western Medicine, on which I wasted 17 years of studies, was all fake, a big money-making scam. I threw out all my medication and supplements. Only consuming the flesh and fat of animals and their produce such as eggs and fish roe, to make sure that my toxic exposure was as minimal as possible so that healing could start.

With my newfound knowledge and understanding of the terrain, (our body,) the tumor in my leg reduced in size immediately and I could no longer feel it. I did some prolonged fasting of mixing water-fasts with dry-fasting in between my re-feedings on animal-based foods, and my blood work was back to normal after three months. Also, my asthma I’ve had since my early childhood were gone and so were my allergies. I could toss all my asthma medication and I’ve never touched it since. Actually, my lungs have re-generated a bit and my lung capacity and oxygenation is better at 45+ years of age than any point previous. Also, all of my small nagging injuries healed up. And I haven’t been sick one single day since I recovered and adapted this way of living. I only get a runny nose for a few hours a few times a year – which is simply a natural way for the body to detoxify.

I’ve helped more than 20 people to get healthy and cure their ‘diseases’ since learning the Terrain Theory – and I still read and study almost daily to get an even greater understanding, especially biology, microbiology, biochemistry and German New Medicine (the mental and stress-aspects of health).

Although my body has healed and has worked at peak efficiency since 2019, the brain injury from the small tumor lingered. The tumor disappeared, but I was still struggling with brain fog and lack of mental energy. There had been damage and the healing process were slower than for the rest of my body. In late 2019 I enrolled in an office training setting to challenge myself and to stimulate my brain to heal itself. At the start, I could manage 45 minutes working at a computer in an office setting before experiencing ringing in the ears, tunnel vision, mental fatigue and oversensitivity to sounds (everything gets louder and ‘creeps up on you’) — and I could only manage this twice a week! At the beginning of 2020, I had no problems doing two 60 minutes sessions a week, while still having some energy to do an hour of work at my home office.

Funny thing is, I predicted and warned about a possible fake virus outbreak after watching Kill Gates Event 201 on October 18, 2019 (where they simulated exactly that – Revelation of the Method) and remembering the previous Clade X simulation. And then the CONAIDS-1984 hoax hit us in early 2020 and everything closed down, including my training facility. I was on my own again. And it was at this time my mother was diagnosed with extreme cancer growths around her stomach and intestines. I tried to help her and she got her life back for two months, but she was too far gone. She died in late May 2020 and I felt totally burnt out again and took a break from everything for a few months. After that, I started challenging myself again. I was back at the gym and I was doing some writing and my mentality had shifted. From being the body transformation and bodybuilding expert, I now wanted to help people heal and find their true health again. And since the world was going to shit due to the fake pandemic, Agenda 21, 2030, 2050 and the ‘great reset’, I felt obliged to educate people on what is really going on, as that had been a hobby of mine since 1998. I’ve learned a lot from all my contacts around the world, and it was time to share that knowledge and to step it up a notch.

Writing, studying and doing research is something I’ve done almost daily since the early 90’s. Now it became my therapy, a way to get my mental energy and sharpness back to where it used to be.
And standing almost face to face with death changes you. You no longer give any fucks. You feel free and liberated and you no longer fear misery or death. Not one bit. You’ve already been there. I no longer care if some people can’t handle my information, if they dislike me, or even hate me. All I want is to help as many as possible – but more importantly, to get them to start questioning their ‘reality’, to be human again.

When I write this on March 30, 2021, I feel that my mental energy is about 80 % restored in the mornings (although it slowly runs out during the day) and during this time my brain is working better than it ever had. I’ve done a few supervised IQ-tests in the past, scoring 129 when I was 25 years old, and 157 in 2016 at 42 years old. I never applied for a job in my life, as I’ve always been headhunted for my previous positions before starting my onw businesses. I’ve always been a ‘visualizer’, drawing everything in my mind or simply visualizing pages of text or information drawn up in rows. That is how I always pinned different kind of information against each other to see what side of the coin makes most sense and what sides has the most holes. It’s also how I find threads and pieces that connects and ties together, and how I see the bigger picture by just taking a step back in my mind. Being a speed-reader, I can look at a page and find everything I need within a few seconds. So, finding useful information or errors in a research paper only takes me a few minutes, if that (if you read my Classic Muscle Newsletter, you know what I mean as I went through over 100 research papers every month). This is how it’s always been, so in 2018 when I could hardly read a sentence or when I muffled up words when speaking, you can imagine how afraid I was and how lost I felt. It was pure horror.

Now however, I feel that I’m back and even surpassed my previous self on many accounts (although I still get a quickly tired and I need to rest a lot). So, writing and sharing knowledge and information on Social Media for the past 5 months has helped me immensely in my recovery. Not only in stimulating and healing my mind, but also from the joy of helping others. And I will continue to do just that – although maybe at a slower pace as I have books to write and I’m starting to feel ready and energized for those projects.
Thank you for reading and for your support! Much Love!

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