New China Theatre as They Claim 35 Cases of Made-Up Bad-Guy Langya Virus

Oh yes, the show must go on. We are at the commercial break between the main events of the first staged and fake pandemic and the second pandemic they are all warning us about, and during this break we have been stuffed with more programming such as CON-vid variants, Marburg, Nipah, Polio, Monkeypox, and now ‘Langya.’ All complete bollocks to keep the sinister and evil virus lie alive among the gullible and dumbed down masses.

And of course, this new “virus” is from China, same as COVAIDS 1984. Just as with the programming done by their puppet Trump and his viral phrase, “China, China, China.” Still, most people can’t see through the illusion, the deceit and the lies. So, let’s break this one down, just as we have done with all the other imaginary viruses and all the other daily crap they throw at us.

So, the narrative for this phony little “virus outbreak” is the same as fake Covid-19, as it supposedly is a type of “animal-derived” Henipavirus. That is, they claim the infected people got it from contact with animals, or more precise, from Shrews! Yes, a little mouse. And keep in mind, this is one of the cornerstones of their evil totalitarian Agenda 2030, a surveillance slave society where you’re not allowed to have pets or animals, and where you should only consume human plant-based kibble and fake meat in order to keep you mentally ill, weak and docile. It’s very obvious that they know that humans are obligate carnivores and that our species appropriate diet is that of animals and their produce. It’s the only nutrition that is bioavailable for us. The only nutrition that can heal, keep us fully healthy, and thrive. And that is why the push this incredible stupid and evil narrative of “animal viruses” infecting humans – so they can kill off livestock and force the production of fake meat and government controlled ‘meat farms.’ Always remember the most important thing there is to expose in our current time – that there is no such thing as a virus, there is no such thing as a contagion! People can not get infected with disease or transmit disease to others. That is biologically impossible. Disease comes from toxins, poison, nutrition deficiencies, and mental trauma.

As for this fabricated story of the fake Langya virus, it’s heavily scripted and coded as with all the fakery they are up to. First, notice that they claim that 35 people have been infected as of the time they break the “news” about this “virus.”
Remember the first big number used in the coronavirus Covid-19 hoax? Yes, the number 56! Now, 35 when spelled out as ‘thirty-five’ sums to ‘56’ in reverse full reduction gematria, connecting this virus hoax to the previous one and a few others.

Thirty-Five = 56
Virus Outbreak = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Nipah Virus = 56
Next Pandemic = 56
Planned Virus = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

35 infected with a non-existing virus also goes perfect with the China theme, as China equates to 35, and so does the date of August 9, the theme of ‘viruses,’ and the province of Shandong and the poor little Shrew, where it was said to originate. Also, “Langya Virus” sums to 149, and 149 is the 35th prime number.

China = 35
Shandong = 35
August 9 = 35
Virus = 35
Shrew = 35 (the little mouse spreading the imaginary virus)

Could the made-up narrative be more coded than that? Well, just wait. The theme is perfect for the date-numerology as well.
August 9 can be written as 8/9, like 89.

Virus = 89 (again!)
Animal-Derived Virus = 89 (BAM!)
Shandong Province = 89 (again!)

And 89 is the 24th prime number, showing how Langya fits in.

Langya = 24

And it’s also the 11th Fibonacci number, as in the Freemasonic Master Number and the shortening for “Langya Virus” as in “LayV.” A double whammy!

LayV = 11

And when looking at how many days were remaining in the year on August 9, which was 144-days, we immediately understand why they did not just run another bollock Covid-story or outbreak, but went full-out with a new fake virus for their beloved agenda 2030. After all, 144 is strongly connected with the puppet masters, the Jesuit Order. And 144 is also, of course, a match with the second province mentioned, the Henan Province, and with the fake virus in the important Jewish cipher.

Jesuit Order = 144
Henan Province = 144
Langya Virus = 144

So, there you have the provinces. Henan Province was selected because it is a great match with the Jesuit Order, and Shandong fitted the ‘35’ narrative that connected the date and China with the theme of a virus. All this should be child’s play if you are awake and can see, and understand the enormous importance of gematria and numerology, as that is their tool in which they create everything, just as God did when he created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

And as a side note, the phrase “35 infected” sums to ‘74’ and reduces to ‘47’ in the simple English ciphers. This is very relevant to their ritual as ‘74’ is the God number connected to words such as “Jesus,” “Jesus Christ,” and “Messiah.” And 47, being 74 backwards (as in the opposite of God and Jesus,) is very important to Freemasons as each leg of the Masonic compasses is kicked out at 23.5-degrees, forming a 47-degree angle between them. The Freemasonic logo has a ‘g’ in the middle, the 7th letter of the alphabet. 7 is the 4th prime number where the divisors of 4 sum to 7 – four and seven, like 47.
And as another note, the word “Satan” sums to 35 in reverse reduction, which is fitting with the 47 and the Freemasons.
Also, Freemasonry as a secret society and occult order was created by the Jesuits and their Order of Illuminati. It’s the Freemasons who run the show on the ground as instructed by the Jesuits and the 13 families behind the Order of Illuminati. In other words, there will also be little Masonic fingerprints all over this story as well.

35 Infected = 74, 47

Now, the news story goes on and claims that 26 of the 35 fake cases developed “clinical symptoms.” Why did they choose the number of 26? Because it fits the narrative of course! And keep in mind that they say the carrier of this imaginary virus is the little Shrew! So, 35 people have had close contact with Shrews, and 26 of them, just like in ‘Shrew’ got clinical symptoms? Yeah, right…

China = 26
August 9 = 26
Virus = 26
Shrew = 26
Mason = 26

Actually, the mocking with the Shrew fits perfectly with China after they ditched the bats narrative…

China = 35, 26, 28, 37
Shrew = 35, 26, 28, 37
Virus = 35, 26, 37

Some of the headlines claim that this non-existent animal-derived virus causes “liver kidney failure.” That is a convenient lie, considering that your organs take damage from poison and toxins, just like what you find in a vaccine, like the Covid-19 vaccine and the boosters. Just as they claim that pretty much any activity nowadays, including sleeping and napping can give you blood clots and heart attacks. They are really mocking us, trying to cover up vaccine side-effects and deaths.

Now, that phrase “liver kidney failure” cited in the news goes perfect with the date of August 9th, as it can also be written as 9/8, or 98. And, again, it connects back to the previous scam of coronavirus and the vaccines, which is the real killer.

Liver Kidney Failure = 98
August 9 = 98
Animal-Derived Virus = 98 (is also 89, as in 8/9, as decoded earlier)
I have Covid = 98 (the virtue signaling catch phrase for the sheeple)
Coronavirus Covid = 98
Omicron Coronavirus = 98
Covid-19 Vaccine = 98
The Jesuits = 98
The Society of Jesus = 98 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

Imagine that, an animal-derived virus shows up on August 9, as in 8/9 or 9/8, like 89 and 98.

Animal-Derived Virus = 89, 98

And as for the name of “Langya,” as I hinted at in my headline for this debunk article of this evil scam…

Langya = 60, 24, 24, 270, 102, 30, 30, 360, 612
Made Up = 60, 24, 24, 270, 102, 30, 30, 360, 612
Bad Guy = 60, 24, 24, 270, 102, 30, 30, 360, 612
Con Man = 60, 24, 24, 270, 102, 30, 30, 360, 612

That should tell you all you need to know! Total mockery!

And we also have…

Langya Henipavirus = 85, 122
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85, 122 (IHS, the motto and inscription on the Jesuit’s sigil)
Shandong Province = 85

Langya Virus = 149
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 149

Langya Virus = 50
Zoonotic Virus = 50 (what they call fake viruses from animals)
35 Infected = 50
Jesuits = 50

Langya Virus = 148
The Freemasons = 148

Langya Virus = 888
The Freemasons = 888

And remember the August 8, as in 88, ritual with FBI allegedly Donald Trump that was covered in 88 and 888? That was the day before this fantasy virus emerged. All connected, as their rituals always are, showing who is in control.

Joseph Acquaviva released his decoding on August 11, going deeper into the satanic coding of this fake virus.

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