Viruses in the brain, manufactured Viruses, aka. bio-weapons, and other complete nonsense!

I see so much disinformation and stupidity within the lukewarm truther community. Study the Terrain Theory and German New Medicine. It’s all in there. A whole new world will open up and you will see why they LIE about EVERYTHING! Why the deadly Western “Modern” Medicine based on the idiotic germ theory has been in play by the Rockefellers for so long.

You cannot get disease from other people. There is no such thing as a contagion. Viruses are simply residue from our own cleaning and detoxification process. Germs, bacteria and microorganisms are vital to our health. If you study the Terrain Theory and expand that knowledge with German New Medicine, you will be able to cure and heal most ailments in a day or more serious ones in weeks or months! That is why they lie. There is no money in the truth. There is no need for medicine or drugs – that shit is what keep you sick! It’s all about proper nutrition, managing stress and exposure to anything harmful, and how to deal with mental trauma and issues such as anger, fear or low worth/self-esteem.

Now, since there is no such thing as a virus outside a body, and since viruses are simply dead matter, residue from a cleaning process, it cannot do anything. Even if you were to isolate these fragments (which they never succeeded to do), and inject them into another person, it would do absolutely nothing. Even if you isolate exosomes and put them in another body, they are programmed for a task for the original host and will simply be dissolved and discharged in another host.
So, please, stop this baloney about getting “infected” by viruses from test kits, from people “shedding”, or other science-fiction nonsense. There is no contagion in nature. Infections can only happen if you are poisoned and too weak to clean it out – and as a result your cleaning crew, the bacteria, get sick from the toxins and can’t do their job. That is how an infection starts.

If you follow a proper diet, get plenty of rest and exercise, stay away from heavy pollutants and work on your mind, you cannot get sick! You will never get an infection. Your body will be able to clean out and detoxify all day, all week, year-round. There will never be a buildup of toxins in any part of your body that will make you sick.

With this being said, there are other dangers with test kits, with face diapers, and with the extremely dangerous and deadly vaccines. This can be in the shape of modified microbes or fungi and/or nano technology. Some of this nanotechnology is present in DARPA/Gates Hydrogel and in Graphene Oxide — both used in testkits, face masks and the vaccine.

The disinformation about viruses and bio-weapons are most likely a smokescreen for this – for advanced technology making you sick. Blaming viruses and mutations/variants are the perfect way to keep the debunked germ theory alive and pushing more jabs and drugs on you. Keep in mind that I’ve predicted several variants to emerge to keep the lie alive and to be scapegoats for the injuries and deaths of the vaccines. If they stick with the Greek alphabet, you will probably see Delta and Lambda hit the news first, since they are pyramid-shaped. And they just love that “illuminati” symbolism.

Addition: this talk about “infecting” the brain, is the same kind of conditioning seen with Mad Cow Disease, all the silly zombie and virus movies. They are programming you to accept this as possible, as truth.
We know that the harmful substances in the vaccines can hurt you brain, and most likely will. We know that the technology to control parts of your brain exist – with help of nanobots and EMF/radio frequencies.
This is also why CDC made a ‘Zombie Preparedness’ website. People will get sick and they will act out irrationally from all the crap they’ve been injected with and from all the radiation (EMF/Wi-Fi/etc.) and they will blame it on a virus or a mutation and push even more vaccines and drugs.

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