Loss of Taste, Smell, Appetite, and Vomiting – All Natural Symptoms of Healing. And Why You Cannot Cure a Disease.

I’ve touched on this many times before, especially about the loss of smell as linked here.

Causes of the Loss of Smell

To keep this “short” and “simple”, I will not touch on trauma- or stress related “disease” (symptoms), as in German New Medicine, you can read about that in the link above. In this article, we will only touch on toxins, germs, and parasites.

The biggest scam in our history is the false germ theory, the ludicrous idea that you can catch an illness such as a cold or the flu. Because of this medical fraud, you are told that symptoms such as a sore throat, a cough, a headache, chills or fever are symptoms that you are sick with the flu (or now, the imaginary Covid.)
However, the “flu” or a “cold” is simply made-up labels for symptoms from our natural detoxifying process which occur when our body is getting rid of toxins that we have accumulated that is beginning to be a threat to our health. In other words, these symptoms, or the so-called “flu”, is nature’s way of restoring health. You are not sick with the “flu”, you are experiencing symptoms from what your body is getting rid of.

If you try to stop this process of cleaning out dangerous toxins and damaged cells by taking drugs or any kind of medicine, you will eventually experience real sickness in the shape of kidney or liver failure, heart attack, stroke, cancers, mental illness and memory loss, and so on.
This is why your body can shut down your sense of smell, taste and appetite – because when you eat, digestion and elimination of food waste products takes precedence, and detoxification and healing is halted. That is why you will vomit or feel sick to your stomach when acutely poisoned with toxins, or when you get diarrhea – to flush out as much toxins as possible, to shut down digestion and prioritize detoxification and healing – effectively hindering you from eating and thus hindering you from stopping the healing process.
This is also why it is such a dumb idea to eat four to six meals a day or more. Remember, digestion takes place for up to 6 or even 8 hours after a meal. As long as you have to digest food, your body cannot detoxify nor heal. It’s forced to do that during the last few hours at the end of your sleep when you are truly fasted. That is a losing battle, only a few hours of cleaning, and the rest of the day getting poisoned from environmental toxins, toxins in man-made foods, from chemicals in beauty- and cleaning products, and so on. It’s not by coincidence that ‘breakfast’ and ‘snacks’ were invented, it will keep people getting sick while consuming more (and getting fat and unhealthy), a win-win for the food companies and their best friends in the fake modern medicine and pharmaceutical industry.

And yes, going through these symptoms are tough. Your body will use all the excretory organs to get rid of these toxins that otherwise eventually would kill you. It takes a lot of energy, making you very tired and lethargic. So, of course, it’s tempting to take a drug or some “remedy” to lessen the symptoms and “get it over with” quickly. You have been fooled into believing in cures and treatments – in ways to stop an “illness.” That is the heart of the Rockefeller Modern Medicine and the Germ Theory, to play on fear, to hide the symptoms and its origin, to fool you into believing that you need drugs to “cure” you, and to keep you getting sick and to become a life-long customer.

There is no “illness” or “disease” to cure, it’s your natural detoxification process. It has to run its course if you want to be healthy. If you “cure” it, you simply stop it while you still have a lot of toxins remaining inside of you – and you will soon need to detoxify again.
In other words, when you take drugs or remedies that lessen the symptoms of your natural cleaning and detoxification process, what they actually do is interfering with that process. They more or less shut down your natural detoxification process. Since the symptoms lessen or go away, you are fooled into thinking that it works, that you are getting better, while the opposite is true.
And this takes us to parasites. While bacteria will help with removing some toxins and consuming dying and dead cells, parasites are extremely good at consuming heavy metals and similar toxins. This is simply how nature work and keep us alive and healthy. All of us have parasites in various amounts as they help us to clean up these dangerous heavy metals that come into our bodies.
Parasites can only become problematic in really unhealthy people, as some parasites can accumulate heavy metals at extremely high concentrations. And if your body can’t flush them out as it normally does, and they multiply in high numbers, it can become problematic.

This is why medicines such as Ivermectin is beyond stupid and evil. Ivermectin, just as most drugs, will disrupt your pancreatic digestive enzymes chymotrypsin and protease, and thus halt the detoxification and healing process. Your healing process is halted, the symptoms of it goes away, and you think that you are cured of a “disease,” while the opposite is true. Not to mention that these enzymes are critical to your endocrine system, and especially your liver, kidneys and your brain. And even worse, the Ivermectin will kill the parasites in your body, and what do you think will happen to all the toxins accumulated within these parasites? Yes, they will be released and absorbed into your body again.

If your intestines are so heavily poisoned with toxins that you get too much parasites trying to clean it up that the parasites actually become a problem, all you need to do is to fast and your body will flush them out as it always does. And if you are weak and compromised, any kind of enema, laxative, binding agents as charcoal, or something that will help to flush them out without killing them will be of benefit.

So, to conclude. To stay healthy, you need to consume nutritious foods to make sure that you do not have any nutritional deficiencies – that your body can work and function as intended, that no processes are halted due to malnutrition. The only source of highly bioavailable nutrients is animal-based foods; anything of an animal or produce by an animal.
You also need to give your body time to detoxify and heal. This is why intermittent fasting is a good approach, by only eating within a window of 4 to 8 hours a day – or at least having recurring days where you restrict eating or where you fast.
And if you experience symptoms of detoxification, it’s best to fast and only drink water. If you have a fever, make sure to get some extra electrolytes (sodium and potassium) and/or something that is easy to digest so your body can quickly return to healing itself. Remember chicken soup and bone broth? It’s full of protein, good fats, minerals and electrolytes. Yes, your grandmother knew what she was doing. But many of us forgot and got deceived by the evil and fake modern medicine.

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