Ultraviolet Light to Kill Microbes Could Prevent the Next Staged Plan-demic, Pseudo-Scientists Say — While in Reality it Will Make Us Sicker and Weaker

Let’s say that this light actually works and kill microorganisms, what exactly does that mean?
According to biology and accepted science, a microorganism, or microbe, is a living organism of microscopic size, which may exist in a single-celled form or as a colony of cells all around us and within us. The most common types are bacteria, viruses and fungi. And right there they contradicted their own ‘science,’ since their definition of non-existing viruses is that they have no cells and are not living. Still, due to unicorn-magic, they can infect you and make you ill – which of course is complete nonsense as a virus has never been isolated or proven to exist. Quite the contrary in fact, as the transmission of disease between living organisms such as you and me, have been debunked many, many times in real experiments. Contagion does not exist in nature, and neither does any viruses. Illness comes from within. It’s the result of nutrition deficiencies, toxicity, poisons, stress, sleep deprivation, and mental trauma – and our natural cleaning cycles that are influenced by changes in temperatures (seasons) and the people around us.
However, bacteria, fungi and parasites are very real and also extremely important for life.

In other words, if you sterilize something, you do not ‘replenish’ the bacteria on you and inside of you as you normally would. Most bacteria are specialized and some can even morph into another kind of bacteria if needed. In ectodermal organs bacteria help to restore the cell loss during a healing and recovery phase. Streptococcus bacteria aid the healing process in the throat, pneumococcus bacteria restore the bronchial mucosa, gonococcus bacteria work in the urogenital area, staphylococcus bacteria support the reconstruction of bone tissue, and the helicobacter pylori repairs the stomach and pylorus lining. Bacteria also participate in the healing of wounds caused by injuries.

Another thing that distinguishes bacteria is their overlapping function. When fungi and TB bacteria are absent from mesodermal organs such as the breast glands or the corium skin, other bacteria step in during a healing phase to remove cells that are no longer needed.
Then we also have the oldest microbes, fungi and mycobacteria, who exclusively work on organs and tissues that originate from the endoderm. In their function as natural micro-surgeons, fungi and mycobacteria remove tumors in the colon, lungs, kidney, liver, and in the breast.
Tumors are nothing more than your body’s last resort when it cannot detoxify and the cells mutate to encapsule the toxins to keep you alive longer, or you would die of toxicity. It can also be from long-lasting mental conflicts or trauma that are not resolved. However, fungi and mycobacteria can consume these toxins and break down these ‘cancer cells.’ And this is why modern pseudo-science ‘cancer treatment’ is extremely dangerous, as radiation and medication kill mycobacteria and fungi, and thus stop the natural healing process. And it does not fix the underlying problem as in stopping what is poisoning you, or resolving the mental trauma, and thus more tumors will be formed.
The few who actually survive such treatment are people who got so chocked by the news of a tumor, that they changed their behavior and unknowingly fixed the underlying problem.

So, when we sterilize things or just try to keep our environment as clean as possible, or when we use idiotic hand sanitizers, we are limiting our access to microbes – microbes that are essential to life. What do you think will happen if we start sterilizing entire rooms and buildings?

Yes, all of the healing functions of microbes as I mentioned above will be hampered. A simple thing such as what pseudo-science calls a ‘cold’ or a ‘mild flu,’ i.e., when our body try to expel toxins, will be much more severe without the aid of enough bacteria. You will experience symptoms, i.e., be ‘sick,’ for much longer periods of time as your body will struggle to clean itself. And worse, if you take medicines or drugs to feel better, they will shut down the healing and detoxifying process, and the build-up will continue – making you “sick” again, and again, and again.
We see this in elderly who live at nursing homes or are at hospitals in a more sterile environment. Their health plummets and they usually die within years – mostly due to malnutrition, isolation, and lack of healthy microbes – they can no longer heal their bodies.

It’s not a coincidence that farmers, people working with animals, and people doing physical labor outdoors and getting dirty almost never get sick, while the feminized soy-boys in the cities wearing face-diapers and carrying a hand sanitizer in their purse are sick-ridden weak zombies.

All this nonsense needs to stop. Our Rockefeller-founded ‘modern medicine’ and their idiotic ‘germ theory’ is one of the biggest crimes against humanity in history. The entire system of “health-care” and pharmaceuticals needs to be trashed and rebuilt. The criminals behind it need to be behind bars. Until we do that, health will continue to decline and people will continue to get more and more sick. And the criminals in power will continue to fake new pandemics and inject people with poison to weaken them further.

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