Banned for 30-days on Facebook Again For Exposing Lies

Ah, look at this, we have some soy-boy sheeple crying, bleating and reporting posts again. How sad. How truly sad that ‘people’ like that exist in this day and age. If you can’t handle the truth, just go to your little satanic safe-zone in front of the tell-a-lie-vision. You’re obviously not ready for the real world yet.

This simply means that if you post comments or tag me on Facebook, I will not be able to answer until the ban is lifted. You can still message me, or better yet, join us at our own uncensored community at It’s the best way to sponsor my work and to be part of the best community on the Internet.

Anyways, here is the very important article that some idiot reported in all its glory:

Omicron XE Covid Variant Only Exist in the Media as a Tribute to The Jesuit Order

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