What can we do in the fight for our freedom?

That is one of the questions I see the most when we uncover and expose controlled opposition, the meddling of the cabal, and all their staged events.

First, I have been researching truths since 1998 and I base all my findings and information on these 23 years of experience. Also, I only present information to shake you out of your slumber, to get you to ask questions, and to get you to do your own research. I don’t care if you believe everything I present or not, or if you draw another conclusion. I only want you to start to think on your own. My target audience are those who are starting to wake up and those that are awake but still doesn’t really see the big picture – or those who have been lured into belief systems created by controlled opposition.

Many of you are now aware of what is happening. You know that viruses do not exist, that the scamdemic has been planned for a very long time to further Agenda 21, 2030 and vision 2050 – the great reset or “the fourth industrial revolution”. We are facing a real threat to humanity and our freedom with deadly transhuman vaccines being pushed on to us. Fascist vaccine certificates that make marked Jews in WWII look like child’s play in comparison, and so on. And while there are no real laws for any of this, only ‘offers’, it will be a lot of work and trouble to resist and stand your ground. I’ve touched on this in my posts on Natural Law.

So, what can we do if these ‘Freedom Rallies’ are organized by controlled opposition, by our enemy? They will use the rallies to get ammunition for new restrictions, for greater surveillance grids, and for their ‘police state’. They will use it to ridicule freedom fighters in the media, and so on.
If you still want to demonstrate/protest, which is good, you need to attend on your own terms. Do not play their game. Use the ‘rally’ to your advantage. Try to get some friends to join you. Do not stand and listen to the bought speakers, ignore their agenda, their narrative. Make signs that expose Freemasonry, the number “33” and so on, and make signs that show what you care about. Stay on the outside, form your own groups – and talk to people. Try to move away and form your own little rally and see how the police reacts when their narrative breaks down.
Also, this is an opportunity to study what is really going on. How the organizers and the police work together. Look for symbolism. Who is in on it, and who is not. Take notice of the theatre, and you will learn a lot! And, most important, if you go to a controlled opposition rally, be aware of the risks. You will be documented through the surveillance grid. You might be target of false flag event, and you might get harassed by the police or even military. So, please be careful. The main point is, do not follow the organizers’ plans. Be there on your own accord, preferable with friends.

Other very important things you can do is to actually talk to friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Ask them if they feel anything is strange or wrong about what is happening. Do not force-feed them information. Just ask questions to get them thinking. Only give information if the ask directly for it. There’s a ton on information in articles and books about communication skills and how to plant seeds and present information in a non-challenging way. Read up on it and use it. The more people that understand that something is wrong, the better. And if more people start to say NO to the governments, and other fake authority, the less power they will have.

I’ve written two posts about Natural Law and how to stand your ground. When people in your circle start to wake up, introduce them to this. They do not need to understand Natural Law, they just need to understand that they can say NO to an offer made by (fake) authorities.
And as for other forms of demonstrations, you only need to gather some friends and go out in your cities and hand out flyers and talk to people. Ask them questions about the current situation. Get them to think. Anything you can do to plant seeds of truth is good. In Denmark, since late 2020, there has been nightly demonstrations of people just going out on the streets. Nothing organized. Just organic.

Also, keep in mind that…

Fellow fighters for freedom, truth and enlightenment, do not get discouraged by social media comments and posts supporting the New World Order and Government’s Agendas such as the fake pandemic, the fake climate crisis, or the evil depopulation vaccines. They want to make you feel alone and isolated – when in reality, we are the silent majority that are being heavily censored and suppressed. All the daily propaganda, the repetition of lies, and the hateful comments on your posts by AI bots and chills are simply a means to break your spirit – to try to silence you forever.

Do not let them! Never back down! Make your voice heard! The rest of the world depend on on us, whether they know it or not!

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