Have you ever wondered why absolutely NOTHING makes sense when it comes to these seemingly random scamdemic restrictions?

Like how they started with the idiotic social distancing in some stores and in queues. Or that only 10 people can be in a big building. Or even stay-at-home orders. But the subways, trains, busses, commuter trains and so on has always been packed with people almost standing on each other? Not to mention big malls/shopping centers. And yeah, no one was getting sick. Sweden went almost 10 months without any restrictions, heck, we should all be dead now.

Or what about closing down theatres, concerts and so on, but elite sports with physical contact goes on as usual. You think they would risk their health if the scamdemic was real? Nope, but the sheeple need to be spoon-fed stupid entertainment to keep them in line.
And wearing face diapers but no instructions on how to throw them away, or recycle bins anywhere? They must be radiating with those dangerous viruses But nah, let people toss them how they like…

Or the new ‘law’ in Sweden that restaurants must close at 20:30 (8.30 pm), as in Agenda 2030. Yeah, those pesky coincidences…
The answer? The elite, or the cabal, love to mock us. And they have to abide to their laws of Revelation of the Method. They have to show us what they are doing and if you do not say NO, if you’re to brainwashed or stupid not to see it, you consent by default.

And while government puppets get instructions, they are all uneducated actors and have to make up stuff on the fly. And because no one is getting sick, which is impossible with an imaginary virus, they do not know how to set up prevention rules to limit an imaginary spread. They have nothing to go on. No data more than the fake numbers they make up by themselves – or the data from Kill Gates Corona Pandemic Simulation called Event 201 that he held in October of 2019 as Revelation of the Method, or Clade X before that. The ‘authorities’ just try to think of stupid stuff to put out as restrictions or recommendations without any kind of feedback or ground to stand on – because there isn’t any.

If the scamdemic was real. If there were such a thing as a contagious deadly virus, people would actually die – in front of your eyes! Homeless would lie dead on the streets. Several of your neighbors or even within your family would be dead, and you would know about it. There would actually be a panic! Everyone would be talking about it! And people would be working with real data to put up real restrictions that actually would make sense. But since this is staged, everything is just a silly shitshow. And I’m amazed there are still people believing its real. Wake up!!

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