The Coronavirus Scam

February 21, 2020. Sheesh. The Coronavirus… Seriously?! After the Clade-X Virus simulation and then Bill gate’s Event 201 Simulation – just as we predicted?! Whether you believe it’s a hoax (it is!), an actual bio-weapon (it’s not, lol!), or a little of both (nah) – it’s all fear mongering driven by the Globalist Elites and Big Pharma to further agenda 21/2030 – just like the climate change hoax. If you understand pleomorphism, the falsehood of ‘germ theory’ (supported by the evil Rockefeller Western Medicine), and that it’s all about the ‘healthy terrain’, then all you need to do is to look after that terrain and you will be healthy, strong, and very resilient. Best way to do that? Follow our natural animal-based diet to maximize your nutritional status, get quality sleep, and limit toxic exposure and stress (especially fear and anger). But most importantly, cut the processed crap out of your diet – and that includes mainstream media and their fake news.
If they will run with this fake and staged pandemic, the next step will be vaccines, and they will be used to further their depopulation agenda, as written in Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050. The vaccines will be the “real” pandemic. If you understand how our world works and if you have a sharp mind, that should be obvious.

And here is another prediction for you, as the Coronavirus fraud was set in motion by the Jesuits of the Catholic Church and is being pushed by the Freemasons in media and governments — it will be declared a pandemic in March of 2020.
Skull and Bones aka Order 322 = 322.
CoronaVirus, C=3 V=22 = 322.
Will be a pandemic starting March 2020 = 322.

That’s pretty much it. You’re welcome. Have a great weekend!

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