What Happened on the 56th Day of the Year? Threes Everywhere!

February 25th was the 56th day of the year, one of their favorite hoax-numbers, representing the whole fake and staged pandemic, the fake climate change agenda, and of course, representing Society of Jesus, the military Jesuit Order out of the Vatican whom pretty much control everything on the world stage through their minions within Freemasonry and other secret societies.

Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Freemasons = 56

Right out of the gate, we knew that pretty much every breaking story would be coded with 56, and the most obvious way is through the number ‘three,’ a word that sums to ’56’ and also share ‘79’ with ‘Society of Jesus,’ making it a perfect number in rituals.

So, first we had ‘three’ suspects arrested after model Abby Choi’s dismembered body were found in Hong Kong. Of course, ‘Abby Choi’ reduces to ’38,’ the number representing murder and killing.

Abby Choi = 38
Killing = 38
Murder = 38
Death = 38

The media of course mentions that she recently was photographed at a show in Paris, France. As you know, Paris, France, is where Society of Jesus, The Jesuit Order, was founded by Ignatius of Loyola. And this was news on the 56th day of the month with ‘three’ suspects arrested.

Three = 56
Paris, France = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

For a full decode, check Joseph Acquaviva’s video below.

Then we had the story about ‘three’ weapons that changed the course of Russia’s staged and fake war in Ukraine.

Well, let me guess. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI,) Crisis Actors, and Military Equipment Props?
Yep, you know that I’m right on that one.

Three = 56
Three Weapons = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

And the third weapon listed in CNN’s article is called “Bayraktar TB2 drone,” and not by accident, that rubbish is a perfect match with ‘The Jesuit Order,’ who could have guessed?

Bayraktar TB2 Drone = 177, 69
The Jesuit Order = 177, 69

And, yeah, it’s a drone, which, of course by coincidence, is a perfect match with ‘three.’

Three = 56, 79, 29, 25, 231, 254
Drone = 56, 79, 29, 25, 231, 254

And what more happened with “three” in the headlines on this 56th day of the year?

Well, ‘three’ motorhomes were allegedly swept away at a RV Park in Santa Clarita. I guess they should be thankful it wasn’t four…

Then we had another staged and fake shooting near West Palm Beach where one woman allegedly died and ‘three’ men were injured. I guess they should be happy that not more than three got injured in their little act.

And then we had three homo-erotic wrestlers each one winning a total of ‘three’ sectional wrestling titles for their masters at Newark Catholic, a private Roman Catholic high school in Newark, Ohio. Imagine that, three titles for Society of Jesus on the 56th day of the year. Such incredible luck.

Then we had another article about the staged and fake war where Russian State Media urged the message that Putin didn’t want to take Kyiv in ‘three’ days. Of course, he didn’t, if he did, the staged and fake war might have been over and actor Zelenskyy could not have been used for money laundering billions of dollars in international contributions, helping to drain the economy and be used as a front for dramatically increasing the costs of living.

And on it goes. I could list plenty more. See the pattern yet? Everything is staged by the numbers.

And what would the 56th day of the year be without a silly Coronavirus garbage? Well, CNN did not disappoint, as they flaunted a story with some pseudo-science and disinformation about imaginary “Long Covid,” you know, people showing symptoms from a body desperately trying to heal from biological conflicts due to mental trauma such as stress, fear, and worry – or people simply being so malnourished from a toxic junk diet and stressed out that they cannot detox properly.

With that being said, the Jesuit-owned CNN said that long covid “disabled” them, which became headline news on the 56th day of the year.

Disabled = 56
Coronavirus = 56 (a hoax)
Virus Outbreak = 56 (hoax, viruses do not exist)
Covid Vaccine = 56 (poison injected based on a hoax)
Society of Jesus = 56

Note that they put ‘broken’ within quotes, as the second number associated with the staged and fake pandemic is ’65,’ which simply is ‘56’ backwards.

Broken = 65
Pandemic = 65

And what would a day with Jesuit- and Freemason numerology be without a trail derailment making the news? Well, we have been rushed into ‘derailment season’ after all, as most of us were caught by surprise as we still had our Chinese Spy Balloon decorations up.
Actually, according to The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS,) there is an average of 1,704 train derailments a year in the United States. That is 4.6 derailments a day on average!

So, the sudden exposure in the media is of course tied to an agenda, the green agenda of toxicity, environmental and ecological disasters, and land-grab. They do not even have to fake a toxic spill as they did in East Palestine, Ohio, they only need to mention that it was ‘not toxic,’ as it is all about programming. Hammering in the possibility of large toxic spills, and thus accepting, unconsciously, that the government can step in and siege the land for everyone’s “safety,” moving the population into their smart cities.
And yes, I’ve received confirmation from people living in East Palestine that no one got sick, no animals have died, it was all a hoax as I called it on day one.

As for this train, it allegedly lost two wheels and had to stop in Lexington, a city and county with a value of 42, representing their Sun God Saturn, the Jesuits, and the Freemasons, in perfect synchronicity with 56.

For a decode of this ritual, check Joseph Acquaviva’s video below:

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