More Virus Programming Targeted at Children — Coverup of Vaccine Injuries?

This media report begins with a fabricated sob story of an alleged 15-month-old child coughing and not acting like her normal self. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book of writing, to get insecure and weak-minded parents emotionally involved so that they will be easier to program and act upon the false and extremely dangerous information provided after the moving introduction.
However, if you actually know anything about how the media and the government operates, and if you have at least the faintest clue about physiology, you can smell the bullshit within the first paragraph.

The message of this news report is that there’s currently an “unprecedented” rise in RSV cases, respiratory syncytial virus, a common cold-like virus, among children in the US, according to ‘several’ doctors.

Of course, that is bullshit, as viruses does not exist. No virus has ever been isolated and proven to actually exist. Same as transferable diseases, as in contagion — never been proven. Just the opposite in fact; as all previous experiments when trying to ‘infect’ people or animals have failed miserably.

So, what we have here, if this is true – that there actually is a rise in “sick” small children – is a coverup of something actually making them sick or making them detox as heavily as they do.

We have always known that we humans, as do animals, have a seasonal detox that is either triggered by fluctuations in temperature or by others starting their cycle. And we also have mental traumas from separation conflicts as day-care, kindergarten and school starts back up in the autumn. I’ve explained all that in this article and those linked within:

If you got “sick” during the holidays, here’s what you REALLY need to know

As the article progress, they mention “Connecticut Children’s Hospital” as one of the facilities that feel overwhelmed by cases. So, out of hundreds of hospitals to choose from, they picked a hospital located in Connecticut, the state where the Freemasonic order of Skull and Bones is located? Not to mention that the hospital’s name is shortened as “CC” as the Freemasonic “33,” as ‘C’ is the third letter. And another place they mention from a previous “surge” is ‘Cook Children’s’ in Fort Worth. Yes, another ‘CC’ and also, ‘Cook’ that sounds like ‘cock.’ Textbook Freemasonic operation and extreme mockery.

This story was posted on October 21, the 294th day of the year, which just magically happen to match the fake topic of the story, the “respiratory syncytial virus.” Being in the fall, that was the only day it would have matched. Such a coincidence!

Respiratory Syncytial Virus = 294

And this is the year 2022, as in ’22, which fits with the programming and the order pulling all the strings on the world stage.

RSV = 22
Jesuits = 22 (The Jesuit Order)

It was also 71-days remaining in the year. Today, when you mention the virus hoax, every sheep instantly thinks of the fake ‘Covid-19 Virus.’

Covid-19 Virus = 71
The Society of Jesus = 71 (aka. The Jesuit Order)

Of course, there is also the revelation of the method, to keep their karma clean – all in the same cipher again.

The Worlds Biggest Scam = 71
Covid-19 Pandemic = 71
The Society of Jesus = 71 (aka. The Jesuit Order)

The headline used on the frontpage of CNN reads as, “’Holy hell’: Respiratory virus spreads rapidly among US children,” which of course is coded as well.

There’s nothing Holy about hell, but it makes for great scripting as it sums to 119, the hoax code that reads as 11/9 or 9/11, November 11.

Holy Hell = 119
Common Respiratory Virus = 119

And as for the full headline, and this is clever!

‘Holy hell’: Respiratory virus spreads rapidly among US children = 751

751 is the 133rd prime number.

Common Respiratory Virus = 133 (again, from the same headline!)
Respiratory = 133
Connecticut Children’s Hospital = 133

And the sub-headline for the section about the Connecticut Children’s Hospital reads as, ‘Never seen this level of surge,’ which fits with the hospital that is located in the top-Freemasonic state.

Never Seen This Level of Surge = 148
Connecticut Children’s Hospital = 148

And the whole article is simply about a fake rise in “RSV Cases,” which just happens to reduce to their beloved ’56.

RSV Cases = 56
Corona, Wuhan = 56 (keyword for the fake pandemic)
Freemasons = 56
Virus Outbreak = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

Actually, they cite an alleged doctor saying, “I’ve been at Connecticut Children’s for 25 years, and I’ve never seen this level of surge specifically for RSV…”

Not seen such ‘Surge’ of ‘RSV Cases’ in 25 years, uh?

Surge = 25
RSV Cases = 25

Nice scripting!

And this is all about children, specifically US children, on a day with 73-, 53-, 4631– and 37-date numerology.
10/21/2022 = 10 + 21 + 20 + 22 = 73
10/21/22 = 10 + 21 + 22 = 53
10/21/22 = 1+0 + 2+1 + (20) + (22) = 46
10/21 = 10 + 21 = 31
10/21/2022 = (10) + (21) + 2+0+2+2 = 37

Children = 73
Children = 53
Children = 46
Children = 31
US Children = 37

Quite the coincidence, huh?

And again, with the date numerology…

10/21/22 = 1+0 + 2+1 + (20) + (22) = 46

Children = 46, 46
Connecticut = 46, 46

Children & Connecticut, ‘CC’, 33…

And if you were wondering about their choice of calling it an “unprecedented” rise, it’s all about the Freemasonic HQ of Skull and Bones in Connecticut.

Unprecedented = 62
Connecticut = 62

If there actually is a rise in sick children, this was the perfect day to make up a story about it and blame it on RSV, another hoax that does not exist. If the rise is real, is it due to the fact that we are getting unhealthier for every year that passes, or is it because they have authorized vaccines and boosters for children in the US from the age of 6 months? Most likely the latter, but I let you decide. I’m only here to show you how they fabricate the news and that they lie to you about everything.

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