You can now Maim, Sterilize, and Kill innocent Children in the US

Yes, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with their Satanist Director Rochelle Walensky endorsed the depopulation vaccine for children ages 5-11 in the United States on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.
This article will be short, as I’ve already decoded most of their rituals around vaccinating children in my previous posts.

You can read my previous articles, decodings and explanations for these staged rituals here:

The witch of CDC, Rochelle Paula Walensky, was born on April 5, 1969, which means that her and CDC’s recommendation comes on the 211th day of her age (after her birthday.)

November 2 = 11/2 or 2/11 as in 112 or 211, as in the 211th day of her age.

And speaking of November 2 or 112…

Rochelle Paula Walensky = 86, 112
Coronavirus Vaccine = 86, 112 (what the story is about)
Order of Skull and Bones = 86, 112 (Skull and Bones, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry headquarter for the northern USA)
Number is Six Six Six = 86, 112 (vaccine stories are always coded with the 666, Number of the Beast reference)
Masonic Initiation = 86, 112 (could it be? Would explain a lot around this satanic ritual with killing children by vaccines)

Double matches, really interesting. And what more is 112?

The Jesuit Order operates in 112 countries and Jesuits = 86 (Reverse Ordinal)
Catholicism = 112 (the church of the Jesuit Order)
Fake Virus = 112 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)
Six Hundred Sixty-Six = 112 (666, Number of the Beast once again, making the bonds stronger in this ritual)
Sterilizing Children = 112 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)
Vaccine is the Killer = 112 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)

Now, if you include the end date on November 2 from Rochelle’s birthday, you get a span of 212 days. This reminds me of Pfizer’s first vaccine approval on December 2, or 2/12 = 212, as in 212 days. And what more is 212?

Coronavirus Vaccine = 212 (second match in this decode!)
Covid Nineteen = 212 (keyword, making the spell stronger)

And for her name “Rochelle Walensky” alone:

Rochelle Walensky = 82
Coronavirus Covid = 82 (keyword)
Coronavirus Disease= 82 (keyword)
Covid = 82 (keyword)
Pfizer = 82 (the Satanic company in question)
Order 322 = 82 (Skull and Bones again…)

Could not be more obvious why Rochelle was made Director and included in this ritual.

This is just hilarious. The CDC ritualistic “meeting” allegedly was scheduled for 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., as in 11 to 5 to discuss children 5 to 11… What do Satanist do? Yes, they mirror.

Also, they say that the program could be up and running later this week, although it will be official by the White House on November 8. Later this week, as in Friday perhaps. Friday is 11/5 as in 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 5 to 11 years-old.
But that is only my prediction…

They really like their 5/11 or 11/5-numerology as in 115…

Masonic = 115 (it’s partly a Masonic ritual, with Skull and Bones)
Lucifer = 115 (one of many names for their ‘God’)
Covid Shot = 115 (what it is about)
Killing = 115 (what vaccines are for)
Sterilization Children = 115 (what vaccines will do among those who survive)
Depopulation by Vaccination = 115 (as part of Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050)
Graphene Oxide Nanotechnology = 115 (one of many things in the vaccine)
Society of Jesus = 115 (the Jesuit Order, the order writing the script)

Would be quite fitting to start on a date with 115-numerology, no?

Now, give them a day or two and they will start going after children under 5…

Again, educate yourself. Check all the vaccine groups in social media that are flooding with severe side-effects and deaths after taking the shots. Even all the official databases with registered side-effects and deaths are staggering, and yet only about 1 % are being reported. Anyone recommending or administrating the vaccine is a war criminal and will be treated as such once we reach the threshold of awakening. If you let your child or children to be vaccinated, you are a war criminal too – and there will be no mercy.

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