Controlled Opposition and Disinformation Agents (Viruses and Vaccines) — How to Spot Them

Due to the fake and staged pandemic and the fact that no virus has ever been isolated, proven to exist, or be able to cause disease, the flow of disinformation has figuratively exploded within all social media platforms and among those labelling themselves as truthers. I’ve touched on this before with silly lies such as a virus being a bioweapon from a lab in China, or that something that is supposedly dead mutates into new variants. It’s all so incredible stupid, but still the majority of people fall for it.

As of late, the vaccine has been in focus and more and more people see how incredible dangerous and deadly it is. And that is where new controlled opposition and disinformation agents has been popping up. The only way to control the narrative, to stay in absolute power, is to control both sides of any argument or conflict.

They are now doing this by placing doctors who seems to be on the side of the people by showing us how dangerous the vaccines are, and at the same time giving us alternatives against something that still not frickin’ exists! For example, the very dangerous Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (can cause heart problems, infertility and even death, just like the vaccines.) Then they talk about how to “detoxify” from the vaccine and how to remove ‘nanotechnology’ by drinking ‘pine needle tea’ or something just as stupid. Of course, they will push their own ‘detox products’ on you, making a few bucks along the way.

However, the big problem here should be obvious. They tell you what you WANT to hear. A lot of people who has been under pressure to take the vaccine will now cave in with the notion that they can detox afterwards and then everything will be ok. They will take the vaccine to fit in with the herd, the other brainless sheep, just because these bought and paid disinformation agents told them they could detoxify from it. People will be damaged for life because of these charlatans.

Then we have the issue with mRNA, which the manufacturers proudly claim is in the vaccines. Now, there is no real scientific proof that we have DNA, since we do not even have a real model of a working cell. It’s all theories and speculation. I’ve explained this in older articles here:

The Emperor Has No Corona

However, if there is something in the vaccine that modifies us to react against something, that is not something you can detoxify from. That is most likely permanent damage. And we know that the vaccine is meant to sterilize children as part of the depopulation agenda that is stated in UN’s Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050.

The most obvious ways to spot a Disinformation Agent or Controlled Opposition when it comes to the staged pandemic and the depopulation vaccines:

  1. They still push the fraudulent germ theory and that there are such complete nonsense as contagious viruses. It doesn’t matter if they criticize the vaccines if they still talk about viruses or bioweapons. As long as the lie about viruses persist, they can do this scam over and over again, inventing new boogeymen and variants. This is the most important lie of all to expose!
  2. They talk about alternatives to the vaccine; more medication against something that does not exist! Medication that will cause side-effects, that will hurt you and might as well contain the same technology they want you to get by taking the vaccines.
  3. They talk about cleansing and detoxing from the vaccine. Sure, some of the toxins can surely be expelled and all you need to do is making sure you get all the nutrition your body needs (to make sure you have no deficiencies that will hamper your body’s functionality), and that is only possible from animal-based nutrition. To speed up your natural detoxification process, you can fast for 3, 5 or more days, drinking only water and perhaps supplement with electrolytes. It’s not more complicated than that! You do not detoxify by adding more toxins from plants or herbs, that is a fool’s mission!
    And again, if the vaccine changes your physiology, you can not detoxify or heal from that.
  4. They can still post videos on YouTube and write posts on Twitter and Facebook without being censored, hidden (shadow banned) or being shut down/banned. While others have to try and get their videos on BitChute, LBRY/Odysee or Rokfin and are getting restrictions or accounts terminated on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Another important point to spot shills within the truth community is people who avoid symbolism, astrology, numerology, and gematria – the most important tools that is actually being used on a daily basis by the secret societies. This is the key to understand their rituals, how they operate, and who is working for them. If someone ignore these things, or ridicule them, then that person is either extremely stupid and ignorant and no-one should listen to that buffoon, or that person is a shill, controlled opposition, a disinformation agent put out by the cabal to keep the diet-woke in line and unaware. Same thing if they do not mention the power of the ancient bloodlines, the Catholic Church and their Jesuit Order.

Now, many of these controlled opposition and disinformation agents will speak a lot of truth. It is a trade-off for them and the only way they can lure you in, to get you to trust them. Just be aware of these simple facts stated above. And as soon as anyone you follow start to talk about any of these points, be very aware of the deception and anything else they might say that sounds strange.

Some of them will also try and lure you into New Age, i.e., Satanism. When someone talks about humans as energy, frequency, vibration and consciousness, you know that they are misinformation agents or worse – that belief system is pure Luciferian. That is exactly what Crowley, Blavatsky, and Aquino talked about and taught to their members. I have covered that in this post:

The Academy of Divine Knowledge, The International Tribunal for Natural Justice, New Earth Project, Humanitad Foundation, The United Nations and the Sasha Stone connection
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