FAKE NEWS: China has Released a Bioweapon During the Olympic Games

Here we are again. Another retarded story being shared on social media and on blogs by diet-woke writers, playing right into the hands of controlled opposition and disinformation agents. Just look how all the shill-sites share the exact same story with the same headline. Simple scare tactics and to fuel the lie that contagious viruses and diseases exist.

I’ve touched on this on many occasions since the staged and fake pandemic started. There is no such thing as a contagious virus or sickness. Living beings cannot infect each other with disease. It’s a biological impossibility. And therefore, there is no such thing as a contagious virus made in a lab as a bioweapon. It’s just as impossible. The only bioweapons you can make are poisons that has to be delivered directly to the host you want to injure or kill – as in a lethal gas, poisoning food- or water supplies, by transdermal appliance, or by injection (as in a vaccine.) You cannot rewrite biology and make a living being infect another. That would only be possible with nano-technology that could be transferred from an “infected” host to another by sharing of bodily fluids – and that would not be a very efficient mean of distribution since those who are woke and unvaccinated tend to keep with other unvaccinated.

With all this being said, be prepared for some kind of new fabricated covid/virus variant to be “discovered” after the Olympic Games closes on February 20. That would be a perfect set-up for a new variant, spreading when athletes and people are returning home after the closing ceremony. It would fit their agenda perfectly. It’s just a hunch, pure speculation, but keep it in mind and be prepared for new lockdowns, just ‘in time’ for more trucker strikes and the like causing food shortages and shelves gap empty of all essentials.

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