Canadian Police Begin Arresting Trucker Convoy Protest Organizers – All Scripted by The Numbers

On Thursday, February 17, police in Ottawa began arresting the puppets playing the roles of protest organizers, all by the script and the numbers.
CNN was first out hinting about this with the headline, “Ottawa police chief says ‘action is imminent’ in the plan to clear the area of Covid-19 demonstrators.” Several other outlets then ran with the same ‘action is imminent’ message.

Action is Imminent = 79 & 187
Society of Jesus = 79 & 187

Freedom Convoy = 191 & 56 (what it is called in media)
Society of Jesus = 191 & 56

Convoy of Freedom 2022 = 187 (what some organizers call it)
Action is Imminent = 187
Society of Jesus = 187

As reported earlier this week, Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act on Monday, which gives the government full power to clear protests, and even more direct measures such as freezing personal bank accounts and using military forces. That was one of the goals with this staged and controlled convoy protest to begin with, making it easier to call upon this ‘Emergency Act’ in the future for any minor reason, and to step up their totalitarian game.

February 17 was the 48th day of the year.
Justin Trudeau = 48 (Full Reduction Cipher)

Remember, Jesuit-educated puppet Justin Trudeau was born on December 25, so this action on February 17 comes 54-days after his birthday, or on his 55th day on his age.

Action is Imminent = 54 (indeed, on that day)
The Jesuit Order = 54
Justin Trudeau = 54
Thursday = 55 (action was taken on a Thursday)
Police Force = 55 (by the police force)

And that also means that on Friday, February 18, it will be the 56th day of Trudeau’s age, 56 the very important pandemic hoax-code. Expect this to develop and ramp up during Friday, probably with arrests of civilian demonstrators/protestors.

Society of Jesus = 56
Freedom Convoy = 56

One of the “key convoy organizers” to be arrested by the Ottawa Police was Tamara Lich, and that is no coincidence. All scripted. Other outlets reported that another organizer known as Chris Barber was also arrested.

Tamara Lich = 184 & 67
Ottawa Police = 184 & 67

Tamara Lich = 86
Chris Barber = 86 & 103
Jesuits = 86 & 103

On February 17 the convoy had been in Ottawa for 19 days.
Police Force = 190 = 19
Chaos = 19 (their motto, order out of chaos, the Emergency Act)
February 17 = 2/17 = 2 + 17 = 19

Again, they are just following the script causing food shortages, empty shelves, and helping in formulating more and stricter ‘Emergency Acts’ for the future.
Also keep in mind that the Olympic Games will end this Sunday, on February 20th. The perfect opportunity to fake another variant or outbreak as people and athletes return home all over the world. That would spell a lot more chaos…

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