The Fr33dom CON-voy Trucker Psy-OP – More Catching On

Very good decoder Anthony Davison sent out his quick decode on Twitter this Monday.

Gematriaeffect News did a decode here:

And this is from Steve Wilson, as also published on Mig Mag’s channel.

Mig Mag then writes:

This guy summarizes very well what I think of the convoy protest. One thing he doesn’t mention is the “leaders” of the Canadian freedom movement, the face of this 2022 Freedom convoy. The same “leaders” who have scammed and deceived others countless times. You don’t have to agree with me, the information is easy to find online. I recommend starting the research on Patrick King scams. His most recent lie was about his court case, telling Canadians it was a success, the reason for Alberta lifting covid restrictions.

Another Pat King scam:…
Kelly Ann Wolfe (Kelly Ann Farkas) is another deceiver, who has been caught a few times. She has claimed to be part of a first nations group, 33rd degree freemason, invited to Dr. Phill program, etc.

“But Mig you are dividing people.”
No, I’m pointing out the traps! We do not need idols, we need local actions from our local communities, not some half-awakes telling everyone we should unite with known deceivers and liars. Get out of the system, network and form a local community based actions. Local is the solution, not all these distractions about protests, politicians and clown shows. Protesting is appealing to government authority. It is basically people asking: “Please Daddy stop punishing me”.

Aplanetruth also made a good video on the subject:

My warnings, and decode with everything above and more, about this staged operation, that since January 28 to Feb. 1 have been read by more than 8,700 unique visitors, is located here:

Trucker Fr33dom Convoy – come on, it’s a Psy-Op! (updated Jan. 29)

Also note that this is spreading to Europe. The perfect psy-op for limiting goods and food supply, as well as destroying more businesses and give an excuse to fire truck drivers and use Tesla’s self-driving trucks instead. Here in Sweden a shill connected to New Age (Satanic), ‘Frihet Sverige,’ and other controlled opposition organizations have started a campaign for Swedish truck drivers. Do not get deceived! They are working for the enemy, the globalists and the New World Order.

And always remember. I’m here to expose the lies and deceit, not to care about your feelings.

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