Musk Names Fake Covid Lockdown Propagandist and WEF Taskforce Puppet Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter

Remember the ritual back in December 19 of 2022, when Musk polled himself out of Twitter by asking if he should step down as CEO? Well, that ritual, which was part of UN and WEF’s infodemic, was continued this Friday.

This Friday, Elon Musk, named WEF-puppet Linda Yaccarino, with the masonic double ‘cc,’ as new CEO of Twitter. Just hours before, Yaccarino announced that she was leaving her role as chairman of global advertising at Comcast NBCUniversal. If you do not know, Yaccarino is a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and serves as the Chairman of the WEF’s Taskforce on Future of Work and sits on the WEF’s Media, Entertainment, and Culture Industry Governors Steering Committee. In other words, Yaccarino is the perfect puppet to drive the infodemic and internet censorship  – and to develop WeChat for the West, as in Musk’s X, the Everything app, which I called out when he bought Twitter – and now you have it in black and white, as he mentioned it in his tweet above.

You might remember some of the profane and evil brainwashing advertisements during the staged and fake pandemic and the Covid lockdowns, such as “Staying home save lives”, “We’re in this together,” “Mask up or Pack up,” and “#AloneTogether.” Yes, those brainwashing ads were from the Ad Council where Linda Yaccarino was Board Chair and one of the driving forces for lockdowns and vaccination.
Also, keep in mind that Elon Musk was a member of WEF and WEF-educated.

This is beyond evil and destroyed many lives.

Here’s Linda herself, telling you to “mask up or pack up,” to wash your hands and get tested often. What an evil and vile creature. She should burn in hell where she belongs.

This confirms everything we’ve said about Musk and Twitter from the start. As for the ritualistic nature of this part of the script, this announcement came exactly 47-days before Elon Musk’s June 28 birthday. As you know, 47 represents authority (CEO,) the government, the Freemasons, and is also the number of Twitter.

Twitter = 47

If we take CNN’s headline, that are always coded by the numbers, Linda was the ‘NBCU ad chief’ and will now be ‘Twitter CEO.’

NBCU Ad Chief = 47, 47
Twitter CEO = 47, 47

The number 47 is also related to the beast and to technology. That is why they equal 47 and technological inventions such as the computer and the internet equals 666.

Beast = 47
Technology = 47
Computer = 666
Internet = 666

Of course, if we count the end date, it was 6 weeks and 6 days until Musk’s birthday. 66 is the gematrical value of the Number of the Beast, and ‘Elon Reeve Musk’ and ‘Linda Yaccarino’ are sure a match made in the depths of hell, as they share the same 66. Clearly a ritual and why these two Jesuit- and WEF puppets were put together.

Elon Reeve Musk = 66
Linda Yaccarino = 66, 66
Thirty-Three = 66, 66 (code for the Freemasons)
Number of the Beast = 66
Saturn Worship = 66

This ritual is tied to Elon Musk’s upcoming 52nd birthday, a number that fits the theme of technology and the origins of Yaccarino, all in the same ciphers as well.

Technology = 52, 52
The Ad Council = 52, 52

And again, that is tied to the Beast. Do you remember Elon Musk’s Halloween costume that resembled the Beast? Well, Linda Yaccarino is the perfect match for the Beast. Such a couple.

Linda Yaccarino = 66, 87
Number of the Beast = 66, 87

Also, Linda Yaccarino sums to 129, which is the very Jesuit 201 in Octal, 8-base counting. That is a perfect number for a puppet of the WEF, an organization led by Jesuit Klaus Schwab.

Linda Yaccarino = 129

129 = 201

The Jesuit Order = 201
Saturn Worship = 201 (again)

And if we count from Musk’s last birthday, including the end-date, we get 10 months and 15 days, as in 115. Again, this number summarizes the same script.

1015 = 115 as you can drop the zero, which has no value, in numerology

NBCU ad chief Linda Yaccarino = 115
Twitter = 115, 115
The Ad Council = 115
Yaccarino = 115, 115
Twitter CEO = 115
Freemasons = 115
Masonic = 115

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the Wiki for Linda Yaccarino was just created and has very little factual information and no specific date of birth. They simply claim she was born in 1962 or ’63. But once revealed, you can bet it was coded to death in this ritual, and all the coming events she will be part of.

And, if you still believe in Jesuit- and WEF-puppet Elon Musk and think him a good guy (or any other world stage character,) you’re beyond helping at this point, you’re an NPC, if even that.

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