The Real Reason Elon Musk Buy Twitter – a Totalitarian WeChat for the World

Well, look at that. Even mainstream media reveal some of Elon Musk’s satanic plans to aid in the enslavement of the world’s population. Perhaps we can now, as I’ve been saying since Musk appeared on the world stage, all agree that he is an actor and a puppet doing the bidding for the hidden hand that rules – and that he is no rebel against censorship, nor a champion for free speech – just the opposite, an evil satanic puppet, an enemy of humankind working towards our total enslavement.

The articles that hit the news outlets on October 5, during the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement,) the holiest day in Judaism, told us the following:

Elon Musk is taking inspiration from China’s top social media platform, WeChat, while planning a future for Twitter.
“Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app,” he tweeted.

A brainwashed tell-a-lie-vision zombie might think, “uh, hurr-durr, an app for everything sounds convenient. I can stay online all day, ordering food and developing muh diabeetus without even leaving home, hurr-durr.”

However, we who actually can think and see a bit ahead know exactly what Musk is talking about, and it is right out of the playbook of the evil dystopian 1984, or as United Nations, World Economic Forum, and your government likes to call it, Agenda 2030.

If you’re not familiar with China and WeChat, let me fill you in on what it actually is. It started as a simple and “innocent” substitute for Facebook’s Messenger, a way to communicate by text messages, emoticons, animated crap and videos. However, the real purpose was something completely different, and they slowly and carefully added new small functions, tidbits, and requirements for WeChat, all disguised as something convenient and fun to use. By doing so, people were slowly conditioned and never saw the whole picture, that they actually were building a huge 24/7 surveillance grid for tracking and monitoring everything you do, with Digital ID and face recognition to single you out, a social credit score system to keep you in line, and also a payment gateway so you must comply or you can’t buy anything (the Mark of the Beast.) Add all of these ‘small functions’ together and you have a totalitarian beast system, a digital prison for total government control.

This app, WeChat, is simply a government monitoring and control tool. It keep track of what you do, what you write and say (your opinions and values,) how much energy you use, what you buy and what you eat, where you go, what people you know and who you meet, what you spend your money on, your financial status (if you’re in debt or not,) and so on, and so forth. The app is also the leading cashless payment system in China, and it’s actually required to be able to pay in most stores and to pay most of your bills. It is integrated with a Digital ID and required for public transport (bus/train/subway) or even to get entry to some public areas or civic buildings like a library, arena, baths, or museum. It has its own censorship algorithm monitoring you 24/7, giving you automatic fines if you misbehave and it actually state that if you speak out against the government you will be arrested. That also means that you can only write and talk about what is accepted, or it will get censored in real time and you might get fined, which will be deducted from your digital wallet or from your Social Credit Score.

Actually, WeChat has, as of 2019, a ‘deadbeat map’ which allows users to search within a 500-meter radius for people who have failed to pay their bills, for people who are in debt and thus deemed ‘untrustworthy,’ so you can stay clear of them when doing business or trade. Their homes are labeled as ‘swindlers’ or ‘fraudsters’ in bright red on the map.
This beast system can be also used to warn police and military of people gathering, creating ‘hot spots,’ as in predicting protests and riots – especially if people with similar opinions or views get together in close vicinity of each other. Or to warn you during fake pandemics to keep your distance or get fined.
As you can imagine, the possibilities for government and control are endless. This is only scratching the surface.

Does this sound like something you want, something you want for your children?

Well, this is what Agenda 2030 is all about – and your government most likely has already signed up for it. This is what the top of the power pyramid wants for the West and the whole World. And they use their puppet Elon Musk as a figurehead for this technology, for this total digital enslavement, to condition people and make them accept it.

And I guess you noticed what Musk called their beast system? Yes, ‘X’ — the everything app.

As you know, X is ‘6’ in English Reduction gematria. That is why they display porn with the three letters XXX, as it stands for ‘666,’ the Number of the Beast. Also, ‘X’ is ‘3’ in Reverse Ordinal gematria, so you have 3 and 6, like three sixes (666) or you have 36, the triangular number of 666. So, yes, ‘X’ is symbolic for ‘666,’ the Number of the Beast, which is connected to the Mark of the Beast, which is the Digital ID and, in extension, an app like this – one app to rule them all, one complete digital prison.

So, yes, anyone talking up or promoting Elon Musk is either a shill or a complete moron. It should be more than obvious by now – and that we who can see and who can think just a little bit ahead were right all the time, as we usually are.

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