Divide and Conquer: Elon Musk’s COVID Booster Tweet

Yesterday, a series of tweets by actor and puppet Elon Musk, or one of its handlers, more or less went viral on social media and also got exposure in the mainstream media, especially the “right-wing” and alternative media – you know, the opposite end of the same axis serving the same script.

The tweet in question shared Musk’s alleged personal experience with the second COVID Booster shot, claiming he ran into ‘major side effects.’ In a series of tweets Musk said he felt like he “was dying” and that a cousin of his in “peak health” suffered myocarditis (inflammation of the heart.)

At this stage, most of us have likely known one or more people who have had serious side effects, or even died, after receiving the magic potion, the poke. However, we’ve yet to see any business man, philanthropist, politician, or other “important” actor on the world stage die from the poke. We’ve only seen some faked side effects from low level actors all while common athletes and sheeple fall left and right. And this is because those in the club do not take the shot. This should be obvious to anyone. They know it’s all fake and they would never gamble with their health or life. Yet we see baby truthers going full retard over Musk’s tweet and similar gaslighting stories daily. Some tweeted that the “safe and effective” narrative would crumble after Musk’s tweet, that the truth is finally out, or that Musk cannot be that smart or ‘awake’ if he took the shots.

Well, Musk did not take a booster shot, or any vaccine for that matter. He did not experience any side effects. He’s an actor playing the role of a rogue “genius.” He’s part of the infodemic, part of the ongoing increase in censorship leading to the looming Internet Quarantine. He’s part of the gaslighting to trigger those on the right end of the axis and those half-awake.

The important thing to understand is that they want separation. They want opposites. They want people that are un-vaxxed and identify as anti-vaxxers, at least for as long it takes to get all Agenda 2030 systems ready and put in place – such as government and bank-controlled digital currency, digital ID’s and a Social Credit Score System. And remember, Musk is part of that with his X, the everything app. But until that happens, they will stick to their successful tactic of divide and conquer. They want to continuously stir the pot, to make people fight and squabble among each other – to create division, and especially feelings of uncertainty, fear and hatred among those who are vaccinated; feelings that can stress you out and make you sick. It’s gaslighting, and it’s simply one of many smokescreens and psychological operations keeping baby truthers occupied with nonsense while they build and implement these totalitarian systems in the shadows.

In simple terms, these viral stories and squabbles are simply the equivalent of Bread and Circuses for the half-woke truthers all while creating more chaos and division. It’s textbook psychological warfare and most people cannot even see it.

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