The Attack on Information and People Exposing the Lies and Deceit Continues, Exactly as I wrote Yesterday – Online Quarantine is Coming

And there you have it, a full confirmation of what I wrote about yesterday after FBI posted their bulletin to law enforcement agencies warning about threats and the possibility of civil war in the aftermath of their raid on Trump’s Florida estate Mar-a-Lago.

Later that day, on August 15, ‘liberal’ (fake) news outlets such as MSNBC/NBC News posted about the staged and faked standoff between Ricky Shiffer and the FBI where Shiffer allegedly was killed after 6 hours of struggle. The headline did of course blame the faked death of this crisis actor on “disinformation, lies and conspiracy theories.”

Read about the aftermath of the raid here and the connection to this Ricky Shiffer:

FBI Warns of ‘Civil War’ and ‘Dirty Bomb’ Threats in the Aftermath of the Staged and Faked Mar-a-Lago Raid

Let’s us recap. A paid shill/crisis actor who posted regularly on Trump’s Truth Social site allegedly tried to breach the FBI’s Cincinnati field office in Ohio, armed with an AR-15 style rifle and a nail gun on August 12. After six hours he was shot and killed (conveniently) in a ‘cornfield’ near Wilmington.

The fact that this actor called Ricky Shiffer, this paid shill operative, had been posting regularly on Trump’s social media platform tells us that the sole reason for that platform, Truth Social, is to further this agenda of labelling anyone who criticizes the government, anyone talking about New World Order agendas or any events as being staged or faked, to be considered as a right-wing extremist conspiracy theorist terrorist – a danger to him- or herself and to society. And even more so, that these subjects are dangerous delusions from people with mental illness and must be censored and even banned, because they “infect people” with their ‘disinformation’ and make weak-minded people do nonrational violent and dangerous things; such as trying to break in to FBI offices. They will point to Truth Social, which is said to be uncensored and a growing ground for right-wing extremists, and say, “this is what happens when these conspiracy theories are encouraged.”

As always, the people in power play both sides, and that is what Trump, Q/QAnon, and Truth Social is all about. Deceiving those waking up and trap them in this psychological operation, in this parallel Q reality where Trump, as Batman, is waging a war against a made-up Deep State cabal, while they can fuel the division and hatred between people, label them as extremists, and accelerate towards their goals of a Social Credit Score System and a totalitarian Surveillance State as in Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050.

This operation and ongoing psyop is simply about information they can’t control, hence labelling anything that expose them and their actions as ‘conspiracy theories.’ This was one of the reasons for the whole staged and totally fake coronavirus pandemic. To condition people to the idea of Digital ID’s (to always identify yourself,) 24/7 surveillance, restrictions (which will be up again with the social credit score system,) hating those who do not obey or follow the herd, and so on.
The next thing we will see as a result of all this is “online quarantine.” That is, new functions on social media to auto-block people and any content that they label as ‘disinformation’ based on their algorithms. That is the next step after programming the masses with “fact checkers” and silly pop-up windows linking to government approved websites. You will “auto-vax” or “auto-mask” against any information deemed as dangerous and infectious.
Twitter is already testing this, and with advanced AI, this will be implemented on all controlled platforms, as well as search engines. All we will have left if we want to communicate without being censored, blocked or shut down, are our own websites and communities, such as my And soon, the only way to find them will be by word of mouth, as they will be auto-blocked in any conversation on any non-privately owned platform. This is why I always talk about networking on such sites while internet is still somewhat available, and forming your own communities in your country and to keep in touch with like-minded and skilled people, so you can help each other out, trade and share resources. Remember, the people in power need us to run their perverted version of a society, but we do not need them. We can do it on our own by helping each other and working together.

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