World Stage Politics 101 – Left, Right, and the Green Agenda, Part 2

This article series was written for those who are waking up and for baby truthers that are still trapped in the matrix, in the illusion of left vs. right, of world-stage theatrics such as believing in mass and school shootings, The Deep State, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, or the staged war in Ukraine.
I might come back and update this series, as it was written during an hour in the morning and using some copy-paste from my earlier work here on this website. Some of these articles are linked for further reading. Now, let’s get started. If you read the first part, you can skip down to ‘The Right-Wing and Alt-Right Programming.’

While history is fuzzy at best, the hidden rulers of the world and their strategy and heritage likely began with the Phoenicians emerging out of the land today occupied by Syria, Lebanon, and northern Israel, and then under their influence, they spread and grew with the Babylonians, the Canaanites, the Egyptians, and the Roman Empire that transformed into what we know today as the Vatican, the Catholic Church and their military Jesuit Order (aka., the Saturn worshipping cult/slave masters.)

Their way of ruling is through the Maritime Admiralty law (state vs. you,) through deception, division, fear, false hope, and mind control. The main deception, their world-stage illusion, that has most of the masses trapped, is how the world is being run — as in countries, governments, and politics. In reality, that is only theatre, a façade covering the real rulers, the puppet masters at the top of the power pyramid.

This means that everything that happens in the world that is being reported by the media is pre-planned, scripted, done by the numbers as rituals, and only theatre to make you believe in their illusion, in their mind prison.

While all big names on the world stage comes from bloodlines deeply involved in secret societies, they also share the same Jesuit-education, and have been through the same mind control programs. They are in the same club, and are simply faces to the public, puppets on strings putting on a show. Below them are a mixture of Freemasons and other low-level members of secret societies that might or might not be aware of the deception, of the theatre. Most low-level politicians are simply a product of the system and they think they do something good, that they can make a difference, but they are simply useful idiots, cogs in a much larger machinery.

To make it a simple as possible, we can divide the world-stage politics into three categories, where the third originated from one of the two original opposites. These are usually represented by parties, no matter if the ‘country’ is being run by a Prime Minister or by a President. These three categories are:

The Left-Wing
The Right-Wing
The Green/Climate Agenda (invented by the left-wing)

The Right-Wing and Alt-Right Programming

The right-wing is a mirror image of the left-wing. It’s simply a controlled stance, an illusion of opposition against the left, their perceived enemy. Of course, the left and the right within the staged politics on the world stage is identical, and simply a trick, a deception of the Saturn Cult slave masters. Both sides of the axis are part of the same psychological operation of mass control, the same illusion of a society where alleged leaders are chosen and represented by the people, while in truth they are placed and controlled by the puppet masters. Both sides lure in their followers by tactics triggered in fear, insecurities and traumas. Both sides shape their beliefs and doctrine in dogmatic thinking of us vs. them, to express and vent their fear of the enemy with arrogant supremacist, militant, and violent behavior. It’s the old Roman divide and conquer tactic used throughout history by the puppet slave masters.

The left and right will never unite or agree, yet they can not live or exist without each other as both poles are needed for the deception. They both define themselves as opposition to the other side. This is the duality that I explained in my World Stage Psy-Ops article, and this duality is also used by Alternative Media, which is simply controlled opposition of mainstream media – keeping the illusion of the world stage while flipping the storyline to fit the right- or far-right followers.

While the left was formed back in the 1700’s and took shape in the early 1800’s, the need for an opposition in this new era of politics and governments rose in the mid 1800’s. In 1861 the American Civil War was instigated, which simply was a Masonic sacrifice ritual of the Saturn Cult orchestrated by the Jesuit Order to fuel the war industry, all while the history books told the lie that it was fought over the issue of slavery. This idea created a ‘racial tension’ between pro- and anti-abolitionists (the practice or institution of capital punishment and/or slavery.) As the Civil War ended in 1865, Casimir Pulaski and Jesuit Marquis de Lafayette of the Italian Draco-Orion bloodline and four other Freemasonic members of the Confederate army created the white supremacist and Masonic organization Ku Klux Klan (KKK.)
KKK sums to ‘33’ in simple gematria, a number that represents the highest degree within Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and is connected to the pineal gland on top of the 33 vertebrates, the third all-seeing eye, symbolism of enlightenment.

In 1915 Benito Mussolini, a Knight of Malta and thus a protector of the Vatican, serving the Jesuit Order while playing the role as dictator of Italy, presented the ideology of fascism to the world. Mussolini was controlled by Jesuit Pietro Tacci Venturi and supported by the Turinese Ovazza banking family and Leone Gaetani of the papal bloodline. The fascist ideology Mussolini presented was based on corporatism, the merging of corporate and government power.

In 1920, as preparation for the WWII ritual the Saxe-Coburgs spread the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the idea of a masonic Illuminati conspiracy of a Jewish governed New World Order. This allowed them to create antisemitism in Germany with groups like the Thule society who then created the Nazi Party with Adolf Hitler as the Antichrist figurehead, the Horus archetype (the mirror image of Mussolini.)
The Zionists, the fake ‘jews,’ then became the favorite made-up villain of the Right-Wing.
As Hitler was put in power, the Silver Shirts were created in the US, associated with KKK and with a Christian identity. Also, the Methodist Vereide founded the Christian cult The Family.

After the WWII Jesuit-, Knights of Malta-, and Skull and Bones Freemasonry mass sacrifice ritual, which was mostly staged and exaggerated, the fascist ideology lived on with characters such as Oswald Mosley, Willis Carto, Jesuit Francis Parker Yockey and Julius Evola. In Evola’s philosophy the white Aryans of Atlantis were a superior race, corrupted by inferior feminine cultures.

In 1966 the CIA founded the World Anti-Communist League with Knight of Malta Otto Skorzeny, eugenics advocate Knight of Malta Roger Pearson, and Willis Carto, backed by the former anti-communist ‘red-scare’ ideas of Jesuit US Senator Joseph McCarthy.

In 1969 the media is used to turn CIA agent and actor Charles Manson into an Antichrist figure in the Sharon Tate murder ritual, connecting him to the prison gang Aryan Brotherhood. His fictional name of Manson refers to Christ, the Son of Man, or Mason, as in Freemason.

At the same time, Hollywood actor Richard Nixon plays the role as US President during 1969 to 1974. And together with Jesuit Gordon Liddy, they played conservative characters in contrast to the CIA counterculture heroes Jim Morrison and Timothy Leary. Nixon also played a big role in the staged and fake moon landing ritual and the Watergate media ritual.

This trend of ‘conservative’ moral guides continued through the 80’s with Knight of Malta and Jesuit controlled Ronald Reagan, and into the 90’s with Skull and Bones Freemasonry member George H. W. Bush.

To fuel the division agenda and further shape the right-wing, Jesuit William Bennett invents the ‘War on Drugs,’ assisted and supported by Nancy Reagan, in a narrative where right-wing politicians will protect ‘white people’ from drug dealing ‘black people,’ if they just have enough law enforcers and weapons. This war against blacks marks a rise for the prison industry and acts as a further separation tool of societies and cultures. As George H. W. Bush serves as the 41st president after Reagan, he continues to play the role of protector together with the Jewish and Zionist right-wing puppet Paul Wolfowitz.

In 1996 the Australian media actor and former Director-General of Information (Propaganda Minister) Keith Rupert Murdoch founds Fox News, a propaganda tool to spread counternarrative disinformation within the right-wing and conspiracy realm. In simple terms, it means that they report on the same psy-ops, hoaxes, and staged events as the leftist media, but spin the narrative to fit the mind of the right-wing programmed follower, all while upholding the illusion of the world stage, that the events are real.

In early 2000 the first step in UN’s Agenda 21, which later transformed into Agenda 2030, is put in place as politicians are ordered to organize mass immigration from Islamic countries. During this step, the Jesuits invents Multiculturalism as a slow-paced acceptance to their vision of a globalized society, a One World Order.
Thus, the Left vs. Right evolves into the left being openminded and ‘tolerant’ to Islam and immigrants, while the right represents the opposite and are labelled as ‘white,’ ‘conservative,’ and ‘racist.’
This is of course a paradox and mind-game, as the Islamic belief-system is the total opposite of the leftist ideals of feminism and gay culture. This confusion is used as a psychological weapon and leads to nihilism branded as pragmatism, as in having no real beliefs and just go with what the media and authorities tell you to support, think and believe. This tactic used by the left is also very prevalent within New Age cult.

This is also the time of the ‘Islamic Scare’ with staged and fake terror attacks, which slowly began in the 90’s, took off in 2001 with the 9/11 ritual, and then reached its climax with the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015 and the staged and extremely fake Stockholm truck attack in 2017. Then the Islamic Scare watered out with a few more staged truck and car attacks and vanished a few years later, as the agenda had played out its role on the world stage and they were preparing for the next one, the fake Coronavirus pandemic and the staged war in Ukraine.

The Islamic Scare and the staged terror attacks simply served as bait, during the extreme immigration, for the right-wing as they pretended to have the solution for those who was scared by the theatrics, all while the left, who always has to be the complete opposite of the right, was conditioned into being tolerant, accepting and finding excuses for the ‘behavior’ of their Islamic ‘friends.’

In 2007, Andrew Breitbart founded Breitbart News with Jesuit-trained Steve Bannon, who is part of the Alex Jones and David Horowitz Rebel News and Infowars network; channels used to promote the Jesuit and Freemason Donald Trump and being an excuse for more censorship in the infodemic agenda. These networks also help with pushing the Luciferian left-wing gay-transgender agenda by playing the villain and opposition.

This was also what lead to the foundation of the slur ‘Alt-Right’ by Cultural Marxist Paul Gottfried, a term that immediately got adopted into the leftist mainstream media to fuel the Infodemic agenda that the right wing is ‘alt wing’ and need to be censored. As this evolves, newspeak is invented using terms such as ‘divisive (creating discord,)’ ‘fake news,’ ‘hatespeech,’ and the concept of not conforming to community guidelines.

In 2015, the Jesuits introduce their ‘over-the-top’ media actor Donald Trump on the world stage of politics as the big savior that will save all the white patriots from the evil globalists and the bad Illuminati ‘Deep State.’ This illusionary counternarrative is fueled by the CIA operation ‘Q’ and operatives leading the Qanon movement.

As we moved into the Masonic Covid-19 ritual of trauma-based mind control, all criticism of the staged and fake pandemic was labelled as ‘alt right’ and ‘antivaxxer,’ backed by controlled opposition of mostly the right-wing.

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In the next part I will dissect the Green- and Climate movement and how they are used on the world stage to fuel the climate hoax.

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