Mind Control: Programming and Conditioning, Part 19

While we had the predictive programming of a ‘virus pandemic’ during the tabletop exercise ‘Clade X’ in 2018, we had another ‘pandemic’ ritual in 2019 with Event 201. Event 201 was a follow-up to Clade X organized by Johns Hopkins once again, and this time in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This high-level pandemic exercise called Event 201 was held on October 19, 2019, exactly 201-days before the year-anniversary of Clade X on May 6. As you know, ‘201’ is the number of the Jesuit Order, the Order of the top-elite families, hence the name and the date-numerology coding of the event.
It was at this time, after Event 201 and the connection to the previous Clade X, that I wrote my first post on social media warning about the probability of a staged and totally fake virus pandemic.

Instead of going through the 2020s in a chronological manner, I will cover most of the Coronavirus Pandemic psy-op in this part as it was the biggest mind-control project and ritual ever played on humanity in modern history.

In December of 2019, the first claims were made of a new virus, Covid-19, allegedly identified in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China. However, it was not until January 24, 2020, that the world was fed ridiculous and extremely staged footage of crisis actors collapsing on the streets of Wuhan, and just like that, reports of fake cases from all over the world began to emerge. That was one quick and perfectly timed virus! However, we did not see any more staged collapses or ‘deaths’ on the streets. Instead, we were presented by viral videos of choreographed dancing nurses, played by dressed-up crisis actors, mocking the public as all hospitals stood empty in what was dubbed as a health emergency crisis. No one was getting sick, but the illusion was kept up through propaganda and mind control, and later on by people actually getting sick – from the vaccines.

The Covid-19 ritual, or the Coronavirus pandemic, was an elaborate worldwide hoax, the largest mind-control project in our history, and also a Freemasonic ritual that had been planned for decades. Every single media report was heavily coded by the numbers and their language of gematria, as is every fake news story.
The staged and fake pandemic was made possible by over a hundred years of programming and conditioning through Rockefeller’s fake ‘modern medicine’ and pseudoscience of germs, contagion, and viruses – putting labels such as getting a ‘cold’ or the ‘flu’ on natural detoxification symptoms. As technology got more advanced, these ridiculous beliefs, and the scenario of pandemics, were reinforced by movies, tv-series, and the occasional staged virus outbreak in third-world countries as cover-ups of cruel chemical experiments.

Keep in mind that not one single virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist using a standard scientific method. Virology is nothing more than a lie, a pseudoscience put forth by useful idiots. When the Covid-hoax began, Christine Massey and many others wrote letters to institutions all over the world asking through the freedom of information act for a proof or claim of an isolation/purification, the existence, of the Covid-19 virus. Not one single government- or health institution of 217, and counting, could provide such an evidence. Covid-19 never existed. It was a lie, just as every single imaginary virus ever to be made up by the Saturn cult and their Freemasonic goons.

The Covid-19 ritual was used to accelerate the steps of UN’s Agenda 2030 through the spread of fear, confusion and chaos, as in their way of ruling with the ever-repeating ‘problem-reaction-solution,’ as in ‘order out of chaos.’ It was the biggest attack on human freedom since the WWI and WWII rituals with silly and extreme measures such as mandatory slave-masks and lockdowns to instill an atmosphere of a dystopian prison society in worship of their god Saturn/Chronos/Corona.

In a sense, the Covid-19 ritual was a sequel to the Spanish flu ritual in 1914-1919, staged 100 years earlier with the same face masks, when people got sick from the mental trauma and effects of World War I. The enforced wearing of masks was an initiation and humiliation ritual of ‘going through the abyss,’ the gap between the real and unreal. In Aleister Crowley’s Satanic Thelema religion, the dark night of the soul is called the ‘Night of Pan’ — Pan as in the words panic and pandemic. Pan is Saturn (Kronos/Satan.) Masks are also a symbol of mind control, used in the masque of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and in movies such as Eyes Wide Shut.

Advanced techniques of mind control and psychological warfare were used at the start of, and during, the fake Covid-19 ritual, such as spying with drones, long periods of isolation, intimidation, continuous programming and a flow of contradictory information to stop critical thinking and being conditioned to wait in total obedience. Posts on Social media platforms were immediately censored and accompanied with big ‘alert-boxes’ containing ‘fact-checked’ and ‘correct’ information and with links to the WHO, the new ‘1984’ Ministry of Truth.

The end-game of the Corona Pandemic hoax and the Covid-19 ritual was to advance Agenda 2030 trough programming and conditioning, especially that of Digital IDs (vaccine-passports,) Digital Payments (shopping from home, and quick/self-checkouts in stores,) 15-minute cities (travel restrictions and lockdowns,) depopulation and sustainability (vaccines, lowered birthrates, division, dehumanization,) Infodemic/censorship (fact-checkers,) and so on.
In short, you can say that it also tied into the transhumanist agenda with creating an artificial avatar, living more and more in a digital world, being part of the hive mind, shielded from nature, reality and other “disease-ridden” people.

While many of us saw right through the Corona Pandemic hoax, resisted all the fear-mongering propaganda, resisted the mark of the beast (the Covid-19 vaccine,) and tried our best to inform our fellow man, most people believed it real. And those who were a bit on the fence, simply thought it to be a bit exaggerated in the media, but still believed the virus to be real. That was the enormous effect of the programming, the mind control they had been exposed to since childhood. And that mind control was reinforced by controlled-opposition disguised as “anti-vaxxers,” a movement that increased in numbers during the fake pandemic and was used to lure in those questioning the vaccine and the fascist-totalitarian measures enforced upon the population. Their main goal was to keep the virus- and contagion lie and illusion alive, as without it the whole idea of pandemics and vaccines would come crumbling down. To achieve this, another layer was added to the illusion where agents planted the idea that the Covid-19 virus was an engineered bioweapon out of China.
And to keep the anti-vaxxers spinning their wheels, the newly introduced ‘5G’ standard for broadband cellular networks, (late 2019, early 2020,) was said to activate nanotechnology within the vaccines and to make it difficult to breath by blocking oxygen uptake.
At this time, we also saw the ridiculous idea of ‘shedding’ emerge from controlled-opposition and disinformation agents, where ‘spike proteins’ from the vaccine allegedly could make other unvaccinated people sick.
This shedding psy-op within alternative media was then followed by the ‘Died Suddenly’ catch-phrase for anyone dying of what could be vaccine-related injuries. While the vaccines did cause injury and death, this was used once again to paint anti-vaxxers as crazy conspiracy theorists believing in extreme blood clotting and other unscientific theories.
Both shedding, blood clotting (died suddenly) and ‘5G’ served to enforce the caricature label of crazy, unscientific conspiracy theorists/antivaxxers, misled by ‘fake news,’ and thus making it necessary to increase censorship and cancel-culture by only allowing the voice of the Orwellian Ministry of Truth, as in the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum.

By creating a group of crazy and fanatic ‘5G fear-mongers,’ a divide-and-conquer game was played. In other words, they created distraction, confusion, and conflict to ‘neutralize’ opposition, with both groups (the opposites on the axis) acting out of fear and dogmatic belief.
This 5G distraction was heavily promoted through controlled-opposition such as David Icke, FreemanTV, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Russia Today, Sasha Stone (5G Apocalypse,) Mark Steele, and Max Igan (who connected 5G to mind control.)

In the wake of the 5G psy-op and the infiltrated anti-vaccine movement, we saw several fake organizations by controlled-opposition rise, such as the ‘World Wide Rally for Freedom.’ These controlled organizations hijacked the idea of activist groups and demonstrations, early taking control of something that otherwise would have happened organically at a grassroot level. The frontmen, the media-actors of these organizations appeared in media portrayed as wild and crazy conspiracy theorists. To build upon this image, they invited more controlled-opposition and disinformation agents as speakers at their gatherings, and by playing this game they effectively created the illusion for the big sleeping masses that all protests, rallies and demonstrations were something that should be ignored as dangerous and simply the antics of crazy conspiracy theorists.
In other words, these staged protests and the controlled-opposition put forth as leaders made all other attempts to protest look like they were the acts of the same crazy people, of terrorists or worse.

To ride on this wave, we saw a staged ‘World Doctor Alliance’ emerge with 17 agents of controlled-opposition and the promise of fake lawsuits and a trial by media-actor Reiner Fuellmich, playing the role of a savior running the false hope script to keep people who were questioning the pandemic and the vaccines trapped inside a little bubble of other shills and agents, simply going nowhere, just like those trapped in the Qanon psy-op.

Similar false hope narratives and distractions were sold to gullible baby truthers through channels such as Qanon and papal Rosicrucian agent of the Orsini bloodline, Sasha Stone, with promises of mass-arrests of politicians, Big Pharma executives, and vaccine-pushers.

Many of the same controlled-opposition and disinformation agents, like Donald Trump and Joe Rogan also kept the virus-lie alive by recommending extremely unhealthy and damaging alternative treatments against a virus that does not exist, such as the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. These idiotic recommendations also kept the illusion of diseases being something you can cure with a drug or a remedy, when in reality a ’disease’ is simply symptoms you experience from detoxification, trauma or injury. Using or taking something that seems to “cure” the ‘symptom’ (or “disease”) is simply an illusion, as it shuts down the healing process and said symptoms will disappear, but the underlying problem that caused those symptoms are still present and will come back or develop into more serious problems, such as strokes, organ damage, cancer and tumors.

In mainstream media, the main stage actors playing roles of ‘authority figures’ were all Jesuits of the Saturn Cult. For example, we had Jesuit-trained media actor Anthony Fauci (married to Jesuit Christine Grady,) Jesuit Robert Redfield of the CDC, Jesuit- and Zionist-trained Justin Trudeau, Jesuit-trained Freemason Donald Trump as the bad guy, Jesuit-trained Joe Biden and Young Global Leader Emmanuel Macron as good guys. And of course, controlled-opposition on the media stage with Jesuit-trained Robert Kennedy Jr (son of Robert Kennedy, brother of Kathleen Kennedy of Center for American Progress,) governor Andrew Cuomo (married to Kerry Kennedy and the brother of CNN host and Jesuit Chris Cuomo.)

We saw the mind-controlled actor Bill Gates announcing the prison society with vaccination passports in march of 2020. Bill Gates played the role of authority on vaccines and on “the science” in the media industry, and the role of the villain in the camp of controlled-opposition and alternative media. Bill Gates was an easy target, scapegoat, and distraction for controlled-opposition as he strategically sponsored WHO and were connected to Pfizer and various vaccine projects through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

However, Bill Gates, as with Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and other targets of the controlled-opposition and alternative media, they were simply actors on the world stage, puppets playing their assigned roles. They were part of the distraction, part of the game of opposites, something to point fingers at, something to blame and hate instead of people simply saying ‘I will not comply,’ ‘I do not consent,’ and then going on with their lives without the interference of the beast system and their world stage.

We also saw an upswing for proponents of the terrain theory during the Covid-19 ritual, as it explained a sounder, more science-based, and logical approach to disease than the false model of the germ theory with imaginary viruses.
In short, the basis of the terrain theory is that you get “sick” and experience symptoms when your body is triggered to expel toxins and/or poisons that it has accumulated, and that bacteria is present in the affected area to clean up the mess instead of being the ‘boogeyman’ causing a “disease.”
This terrain movement was also infiltrated by a lot of disinformation agents pushing the Luciferian and evil NWO Agenda 2030 of plant-based diets and/or the complete nonsense of alkalizing the body. Many of them also pushed their own products, supplements, and alternative ‘treatments’ and ‘remedies.’ Some of them also worked as gatekeepers against the discoveries within German New Medicine and that many symptoms are the result of mental traumas and triggers, or simply healing from them.
The closest we are to the truth of ‘diseases’ in our present time is a combination of the basics of the terrain theory and the discoveries within German New Medicine.

That is unfortunately all I had time for this morning. I have hundreds of articles covering the Corona Pandemic hoax and the Covid-19 ritual on this website, and when I rewrite and turn this mind-control series into a book, I will expand a lot further on this chapter in history as there is so much more to it.
There will be at least one more part in this series with some current mind-control events and programs, such as the staged and fake CGI war in Ukraine.

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