The Academy of Divine Knowledge, The International Tribunal for Natural Justice, New Earth Project, Humanitad Foundation, The United Nations and the Sasha Stone connection

Controlled Opposition in the form of Cabal shills, gatekeepers and pure satanic New Age influencers have infiltrated most “freedom” and “truth” movements.
The common core is the talk about energy, frequencies, vibration, crystals, yoga, the light (light worker, as in Lucifer), spirituality, and their underlying agenda of New Age, which reflects transhumanism, artificial intelligence and a “new better world”, a.k.a. a New World Order.
New Age is not new, it is a modern revival of ancient satanic traditions, along with a potpourri of influences: Eastern mysticism, modern philosophy and psychology, science and science fiction, and the counterculture of the 50s and 60s. At first it might seem exciting and loving, but that is solely to lure you in. It is a Satanic religious movement that is centered in SELF, i.e., all you need is within – with no defined order of sin, repentance or salvation. You become your own god.
It does not take many minutes of research to see that all New Age “light-workers” that get exposure are shills, disinformation agents and most of the time Freemasons.
They also frequently reference the freemason actor and fake inventor Nikola Tesla, who was a made-up character to present at the world fairs to explain new discovered technologies they were introducing. All pictures of Tesla are composites and not one single audio or video recording of him exists. Today’s Tesla is played by the Freemason actor Elon Musk (no coincidence he named ‘his company’ Tesla).
Now, this does not mean that any of these things are bad on its own. However, it’s very easy to get trapped in the messages (especially about love) from these people and these organizations. But make no mistake, they are infiltrators. They say what you want to hear while steering you down their path to their goal, their agenda of transhumanism, enslavement and a One World Government.

Let’s start with ‘The Academy of Divine Knowledge’, an Academy with teachers and special guests that are allegedly passionate about spreading ‘truth’ and ‘knowledge – helping humanity through its awakening.’ Yeah. Sure…
Their symbol is of course the six-pointed star, a hexagram, the Star of David, with a rectangle in the middle. If you fill out the blanks within the inner lines, you get the three-dimensional black cube. The black cube goes back to Saturn worship, which is associated with the more ‘modern’ Satan.
Joining this cult is, of course, $33 a month. You just have to have that Freemasonic 33 in there.

Among their teachers are names such as Del Bigtree, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and David Icke. Among the special guest are, of course, Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Dr. Carrie Madej.

In their ‘Emergency Tribunal Hearings’ video-series, The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) shows up a lot (with Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Judy Mikovits). One of the front men for ITNJ is Robert David Steele, a judge that has been involved with the psy-op of child trafficking. Yes, child abduction, trafficking, pedophilia, and child sacrifice are very real, but the alleged arrests in tunnels, on secret locations, or whatnot and similar Q-nonsense are staged, a hoax, to make lukewarm truthers feel better and continue to trust in political figures (and trust ‘the plan’.)

Also, guess who founded ITNJ. Yep, the New Age Satanist Sasha Stone. Sasha Stone is tightly connected to Ciro Orsini. Orsini is one of the 13 bloodlines/families within the top of the cabals (council of the 13) and a well-known child trafficking agent. These people are also involved in the alleged gathering of evidence to take all these leaders and the WHO into court for the Corona Scamdemic. Just another false flag psy-op to keep the “semi-awake” people occupied and drag this mess out forever.

Sasha is also involved in ‘Reclaim Your Lives’ – a New Age organization, which is funded by the Humanitad Foundation and the New Earth Project (two other satanic New Age organizations). These two organizations got an award from the UN – the Millennium Development Goals Award. So, there is your United Nations connection. They are all tied together, all working for Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Vision 2050 and a One World Government with a world population below 1 Billion where we all are chipped, tracked, and slaves to the system.
As for the New Earth Project, it’s clearly New Age and the satanic worship symbolism is everywhere.

So, while these organizations and the people behind them are very evil, trying to lure you into their New Age teachings forming a path to depopulation, transhumanism and a New World Order, some of the people they use might have sold their soul for fame and money, while some might actually be unaware – they are simply being used.
Some of these doctors, researchers, and scientists who are part of these organizations or are being used by them, still have a lot of good information. What is important is to not follow any of them blindly. And under no circumstances donate or pay for any service from these Satanic organizations. Stay away from them and be vigilant towards those who are or have been involved in some capacity.

I will go deeper into these organizations and some of the people whenever I have some time in the near future. I will also write a post on how to spot Controlled Opposition and Shills. If you have your own warning signs and want to help out, feel free to message me.

Additional on Sasha Stone and Ciro Orsini:

Leo Leo has excellent information on Sasha Stone. It’s in Swedish though, so you have to copy and paste it in Google Translator or use a translator extension for your browser:

Additional on Nikola Tesla:

The quote, “I don’t care that they stole my idea… I care that they don’t have any of their own”, is pretty much revelation of the method, if you read between the lines. What he is saying is, “we don’t have any ideas of our own” – as in all technology were already in their possession, they we’re just figuring out how to use it and build on it to fit their agenda and make money of it.
Since they recovered old technology, they did mention a lot of truths, such as “free energy”. But that was only to put his work in a good light. In fact, Tesla and his team did the opposite, since they had the technology to harvest Earth’s Ether Energy, they had to come up with ways to charge for it and fake ways to produce it so it could be charged for.

Look into Nikolas Tesla and you’ll see that nothing stacks up. No recordings, very few pictures. And the few pictures of him posing, is done with well-known Freemasonic hand signs to the face. He was a Osharian Rite Freemason.
Tesla was also pushing the early idea of transhumanism, eugenics and other New World Order agendas. Most inventions from that era were not inventions at all. They were simply rediscoveries of old technology that teams of “scientists” figured out. Tesla, just like the patent-clerk Einstein, was just front men for the cabal and these technologies and theories, writing history as they pleased, hiding the real truth – fooling everyone and having a laugh.

Fellow Serbian who researched Tesla:
Although The Blue and Marcia Ramalho has strong shill-signs, some of the information in this video might be useful.

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