SpaceX launches even more silly greenscreen nonsense – Tourists in space with Inspiration4 – and possible connection to the Boule?

The actor, Elon Musk, playing our modern version of Nikola Tesla is back with his fake shenanigans again, all by the numbers of course.
SpaceX allegedly launched the first “orbital flight” crewed entirely by “tourists” from the Jesuit puppets NASA Kennedy Space Center.
Tourists, eh?

“The crew includes 38-year-old billionaire Jared Isaacman, who personally financed the trip; Hayley Arceneux, 29, a childhood cancer survivor and current St. Jude physician assistant; Sian Proctor, 51, a geologist and community college teacher with a PhD; and Chris Sembroski, a 42-year-old Lockheed Martin employee and lifelong space fan who claimed his seat through an online raffle.”

Seems to me like they were pretty much handpicked for this scam, all of them in on it. Interesting names too. Tourists? What a joke! They simply want to give the impression that ‘anyone’ can go to space, which in reality means, sitting in front of a green screen in some cellar somewhere – just like the actors at NASA and their silly ‘International Space Station’.

The alleged take-off was on August 15, 2021, a date written as 15/9 or 159.
Scottish Rite: 159 (the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, a big part of executing this scam)

On August 15, there are 107 days remaining in the year. 107 is the 28th prime number.
Space: 28 (perfect date for a story about space)
Mason: 28 (again, perfect date for a story fabricated by the Freemasons)
Sun God: 28 (what they worship and what most ‘space’ rituals are about)

September 15, 2021 = 9+15+2+0+2+1 = 29
Masonic: 29 (as in masonic ritual)
TSLA: 29 (Tesla, Inc. Perfect date for a story about the company and their SpaceX)

September 15, 2021 = 9+1+5+2+0+2+1 = 20
Staged: 20 (exactly what it is)

September 15, 2021 = 9/15/21 = 9+15+21 = 45
Deceivers: 45 (what SpaceX and NASA are)
People Fooled: 45 (most people still believe in outer space and all that nonsense)
IHS: 45 (the sigil-logo of the Jesuit Order or ‘Society of Jesus’)

September 15, 2021 = 9+1+5+20+21 = 56
Society of Jesus: 56 (there they are again, perfect date for this hoax)
Staged: 56 (second hit on staged for this date, quite telling)
TSLA: 56 (and second hit for Tesla)

September 15, 2021 = 9/15/21 = 9+1+5+21 = 36
IHS: 36 (second hit on IHS and a total of three for the date and the Jesuits)
Jupiter: 36 (what the Sun God was called during the Roman Empire, another hit for this ‘space’ ritual)
The Moon: 36 (perfect date as the moon landing was NASA’s biggest hoax)

September 15, 2021 = 9/15/21 = 9+15+2+1 = 27
Horus: 27 (what the Sun God was called during the Egyptian Empire, another hit for this ‘space’ ritual)
Sun: 27 (as in Sun God and the worship of the Sun, important in all space rituals)
The Moon: 27 (second hit)

In other words, the perfect date for a staged space ritual. Still, there is more.

Jared Isaacman was born on February 11, 1983. September 15 is 216 days after his birthday. 6x6x6 = 216 – what a coincidence. The number of the Beast who they love so much.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration: 666 (Reverse Ordinal)

And little puppet and actor Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971. September 15 is 79 days after his birthday.
Society of Jesus: 79 (fourth hit of the order that owns the media and write the script)
Knights Templar: 79 (what the Jesuits was modelled after, they are the ‘revived’ Knights Templar)

As for some of the names and keywords and how they fit together to make this story:

Hayley Arceneux: 68
Sian Proctor: 6
SpaceX: 68

Hayley Arceneux: 67
Tourist: 67
Inspiration4: 67

Arceneux: 91
Cancer Survivor: 91 (what they claimed Arceneux was, how fitting!)

Arceneux: 44, 37
Cancer: 44, 37 (you can’t make this up! Double hit! They are mocking you with this fabricated story!)

Chris Sembroski: 93, 102
Inspiration Four: 93, 102 (if you spell out ‘Inspiration4)

Sian Proctor: 148, 533
Inspiration4: 148, 533

Jared Isaacman: 90
Tourist Crew: 90 (yeah, Jared and his ‘tourist crew’)

So, the entire crew is coded with SpaceX and the name of the ‘rocket’. Even the ‘cancer ‘survivor’ has that coded in his name twice. The odds for that occurring naturally are way off the chart, it’s impossible. But you have to hand it to them, that is some clever and imaginative coding.

There might be another interesting connection with the name of the rocket, ‘Inspiration4’, which can also be pronounced as, ‘Inspiration for’.

Some headlines say that, “Sian Proctor becomes the first Black woman to pilot a spacecraft.” Yes, that is inspirational for a lot of people who identify with the black community. So, what does ‘Inspiration for’ hide in its coding?

Inspiration For: 183, 673, 195, 87
Advisor to Kings: 183, 673, 195, 87
Council of Chiefs: 673

The ‘titles’ of “Advisor to Kings” and “Council of Chiefs” are from the Boule, a secret society based of ‘Skull and Bones’ Freemasonry and exclusive for Black people seeking fame, power, money and personal gain. The Boule was founded in 1904 in Philadelphia, by Dr. Henry Minton and five of his colleagues. The Boule, (an acronym for Sigma Pi Phi, and pronounced “boo-lay”), was formed to bring together a select group of educated Black men and women. Their initial role was to lead all the black communities. In the Greek system, the Boule was the Lower House of Parliament, responsible with organizing the affairs of the city for the King (thereof ‘advisor to the king’.)
The elite Blacks of the Boule are culling and controlling their own for a slice of the elite white man’s pie. Today they are a part of freemasonry and they protect the 1%. And any ‘Black person’ that get exposure is a either part of the Boule or is under their control by contract. For example, this includes names such as Martin Luther King, Barrack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton and Thurgood Marshall – and now, most likely Sian Proctor.

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