Putin’s “Satan 2” is Fake

Once again, they’re bringing back fear and trauma that has been programmed into the sheepish masses for decades – that of nuclear weapons and the “atom bomb.” Last year, when they began the Hollywood CGI-production of the fake and staged war in Ukraine, they reinforced the programming with headlines such as, “Putin Rattles his Satan II Nuclear Saber.” Then, this year, we had the silly movie ‘Oppenheimer’ released in July, once again reminding the sheep (who watch such crap) about the fairy-tales of nuclear weapons. And now, at the end of last week, we had news outlets crying wolf yet again about Putin’s alleged “Satan 2,” as he supposedly put the advanced Sarmat “nuclear” missile system on ‘combat duty.’

Of course, there is no such thing as nuclear weapons, that has been debunked by real scientists and free-thinkers too many times to count. However, as they continue to push this narrative, the likelihood of a staged and faked ‘nuclear attack’ increases. That might very well be the next big psy-op if the coronavirus hoax does not get the effect they want – and as they are trying again with the world’s largest IQ-test, that of the fake imaginary Covid-19, it does seem like even some of the gullible people are getting tired and desensitized to that narrative.

And with that being said, we do have to take their rituals into account, and the fact that they like to reenact the Book of Revelation. There is no coincidence that they released the satanic movie of ‘Barbie’ at the same time as Oppenheimer – even the poster with the “B” has three sixes in it.

As for the atrocious movie, Barbieland is simply Babylon, Barbie is the Whore of Babylon from the Book of Revelation, and Ken represents the new emasculated man, a genderless symbolic representation of the modern androgynous version of the God Baal (Ba-el, son of El,) as in the Baphomet. It’s a movie about dolls living in doll houses, just as they had doll houses being wiped out in the old propaganda movies from the fake 1950’s nuclear tests (where the cameras somehow survived the alleged detonation.) Today, in our scripted reality, America is modern-day Babylon, and thus America is going to be fake nuked (the west must burn.)

Note: if you read my history series, you know that modern Baal worship is part of the Saturn cult, using obelisks (phallus of Baal,) derived from ancient Egyptian religion, paganism, Christianity, Satanism, Freemasonry. It is an inversion of sun worship (Saturn,) with the ball in the sky, represented by a masculine bull and worship of the world axis, the sacred pole with constellation Draco on top (one eye-ball, as in one-eye symbolism.)

As for the missiles, they’re simply symbolic of the obelisk, the elite families’ conductors for energy, believed to open portals to their Draco-Orion overlords, the symbolic emblem of the elite and their “state power,” that of Saturn. The obelisk is the symbol of the elite, that of Big Brother. That is, for example, why you have the “Holy Trinity” of ‘obelisks of power’ symbolic for the worship of Baal, as they are placed in the City of London (finance,) in Vatican City (religion,) and in Washington D.C. (military.)

It’s the same symbolism as with all the fake space rockets. They want the dumbed down masses to believe in it, as in NASA, Jeff Bezos, and Space-X sending flying phalloses of Baal into “space,” either to intimidate you or to get you to worship the obelisk, like all the sheepish, deceived, and gullible NASA- and Space-X fanboys.

So, to conclude, the nuclear programming has once again revved up. In the past, it was used to keep the world hostage, to induce fear and compliance, and to rectify military agendas; one of many tools steering us towards the sick world and society we live in today. As for now, it’s used to reinforce division and fear, as in the belief of “us vs. them,” as in the bad guys have these “nuclear weapons” and that the only solution is a “One World Government.”

With that said, there is still a possibility that they will fake an attack in the coming years. It would be a good way to seal off even more land and force people to move, as in faking ‘radiation’ and such. But whatever happens, keep in mind that it will be staged. There is no such thing as nuclear weapons or nuclear fallout, as in silly radiation. That only exist in movies and sci-fi video games.

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