What are They Planning for Late September/Early October? Follow-up

First off, this will be a little rant and summary of different theories floating around the ‘net, as well as what is actually going on in our world. It’s a bit of speculation, humor, and seriousness all mixed into one.

The first part of this article series is here:

What are They Planning for Late September/Early October?

Now, there are many agendas that are currently being shoveled in our faces. We have the Climate Change/Crisis Hoax of supposedly melting icecaps and oceans drowning us all – or extreme heatwaves and wild fires burning every forest and rural area to a crisp. We’ve had the looming scenario of terrorists, active shooters on killing sprees, and war stretching far back, including the event of ‘nuclear attacks.’ And now we can add staged and fake pandemics and the threat of food shortages and electricity being cut off to that list. Total fear porn from those in power and their mainstream media.

However, this also includes alternative media and controlled opposition, those pretending to be on our side as ‘truthseekers.’ And all these scenarios they talk about have one thing in common – doom and gloom – unless we do what they say by pretty much locking ourselves up and consume nothing while paying double for every necessity vital to our existence, and then taxes upon taxes on that.
All the popular pundits, on both sides, want you to believe this. They want you to be constantly afraid and believing that your life can be cut short at any time by a terrorist, extremist, flood, food shortage, power outage, or an imaginary virus – or that you’ll end up on the street because you can’t afford to pay your bills. They do not want you to think about the future or how the world will be in 10 or 20 years if things continue as they do now. They want to lock you into focusing on the present – only reacting, if even that, but absolutely not thinking or planning. Because if the sleeping masses would start to think, there could actually be a revolt, an uprising.

Now, I do not follow any of that. I’m not a doom-person. I do not think the world will end or that most of us will be killed in some sinister planned event. They do not need to, not as long as they can control us as perfectly as they have done for the last couple of hundred years. While a lot more people are waking up, they have already been labeling us all as extremists, right-wing-nazis, conspiracy nut cases, and terrorists – pretty much what everyone else has been conditioned to ridicule and stay as far away from as possible. Those of us that can see through the deception and try to help others are only one step from being rounded up and put into straitjackets.

With that said, I do bring up possible scenarios as I did in my previous article, as I’m here to expose the lies and deceit. The difference, and this is very important, is that pretty much all of these scenarios, whatever they in power chose to do, will be staged. It will be faked. It will be pure theatre, just like the staged pandemic and the fake computer-generated war in Ukraine. And this leads me to what other ‘truthers’ are talking and have been talking about.

The people at Infinite Plane Media have been talking about the possibility of a fake nuclear attack or EMP-attack. If you remember, the City of New York actually sent out an information leaflet a few months back about what to do during a nuclear attack. Then we have had the media gaslighting us about Putin and his alleged nuclear arsenal, including the mocking ‘Satan II nuclear missile.’
Now, I do not believe in nukes. It’s just an idea used for control. The idea that somewhere there is this power figure who, by the press of a button, can reset everything. It’s about fear and the power of the state being asserted through only one single press of a button – like an act of a God. And the delivery mechanism is of course a rocket, an obelisk – how very symbolic.
While I’m sure nukes do not exist, they can easily be faked by any kind of explosive device and so can the appearance of radiation. It’s actually the perfect hoax to keep people locked up and/or to restrict their movement and access to certain areas.

Another scenario that has been brought up is an EMP-attack. And as with nukes, EMP’s seems mostly fake as well, and those exposed in technical documents could only, at best, affect certain exposed micro-electronics and in a very limited range.

However, that doomsday theory brings us to another published anticipation for September 23rd, that of a big Solar Storm that they claim is based on science and also the Quran. It is said to hit us at 5:07 a.m. UTC on September 23 and it could allegedly have harmful impacts on technology systems such as communication and transmission. Again, this is yet another scenario that could easily be simulated, staged and faked. A perfect excuse for a “reset” of any system — or a simulated full power outage lasting for days.

On 23 September 2022, Solar Storm anticipate to strike the earth, based on Science and the Quran

Another funny theory that goes hand in hand with all the space junk they allegedly have found on remote areas, and also from the programming in stupid movies such as ‘Don’t Look Up,’ is that of the fake space station ISS falling down and crashing somewhere, possibly in Seattle.  

And no, I do not have any specific advice to give for whatever might or might not happen. Again, I do not believe in the doomsday stuff. I’m only here to share information, expose the reality of things and my own thoughts. Also, considering everything that have happened since 2020, and is going on, you should already be prepared for a worst-case scenario and a couple of days of survival if necessary.

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