Nord Stream, Part 2: The Crimea Bridge & Biden’s Nuclear Armageddon

The day after Vladimir Putin turned 70 an alleged huge blast supposedly damaged the 12-mile-long Kerch Strait Bridge, the only bridge connecting annexed Crimea to the Russian mainland. It is said it was a fuel truck that exploded and blew up a portion of the roadway of the vehicle and rail bridge. Now, that is impossible from such a minor explosion. It’s mostly bad CGI. But an exploding fuel truck makes for great theatrics, which we will come to…

This is so bad CGI. It looks like something from an old Call of Duty computer game…

This happened on October 8, the day leaving 84-days remaining in the year. Of course, ‘Jesuit’ and ‘The Jesuit Order’ sums to 84, and so does ‘Vladimir Putin,’ and ‘Masonry.’ Also, October 8, as in 10/8, can be written as 108, a number common within spirituality and which is a double hit for the word ‘Geometry.’ As you may know, ‘Geometry,’ is strongly connected to Masonry, as the Masons are historically builders and their symbol is a square and a compass. And a bridge fits the bill perfectly when it comes to building, construction and geometry.

This scripted event also fits several metascripts they are running and all the nuclear war propaganda we have seen this year. We know that they are playing out the Book of Revelation and this event connects to that and to the Antichrist, and thus in extension to the Beast System, the Mark of the Beast (Digital ID) and Agenda 2030.

Also, all reports from this ‘bridge sabotage’ showed images and short video footage of burning rail fuel tanks and the fiery initial explosion from alleged surveillance footage. This is important symbolism as it connects to the metascript for programming the masses of future events of war and destruction. This goes back to the West being portrayed as a ‘burning house,’ which is symbolically linked to Martin Luther King Jr saying, “I’m afraid that we’re integrating into a burning house.”

We’ve seen this metascript in the satanic puppet with the perfect last name, Kanye ‘West,’ as he set himself on fire at the end of his Donda listening party, as he emerged from the house burning. One of the tracks on that shitty album is even called, ‘the house is burning,’ hinting back at Luther King and the programming for the ‘West’ – that the West will metaphorically burn before we have a new age, a new world order.
We’ve also seen this in TV Shows with the finale of Game of Thrones where Daenerys becomes a beacon of terror, burning up a city with dragonfire – as in Westeros burning (West – Westeros.) Then we had the Woolsey fire that destroyed the Paramount Ranch, the location where they filmed ‘Westworld.’ Then, again, we had the same script repeating in Stranger Things with the city of Hawkins burning as gates to the “upside down” opened, making it look like a hellscape of burning fires.
We also saw that script in early January with the Twin Parks North ‘West’ apartment building fire.
You could say that this metascript, this repetition and programming, are foreshadowing a plotted staged collision between Russia and the West, or Russia with China against the West. Something that would bring on a nuclear attack, a burning of the West, and thus a nuclear winter. Or as Joe Biden put it, a ‘Dark Winter.’ In a sense, it’s the old script of capitalism vs. communism played out in the ‘space age.’ And again, ‘burning’ is symbolic for cleansing and for change, for entering a new age.

As I’ve said before, nuclear weapons such as the ‘atomic’ bomb does not exist. That is old scare mongering propaganda. However, it is still something that could quite easily be staged and faked. And there is no stretch of the imagination to connect the ongoing fake war, the faked explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines and then this ‘burning’ of the Kerch bridge to this script. Both these events add imaginary fuel to the staged and fake conflict of Russia vs. Ukraine and the West. A few more faked stories like these to escalate the conflict and most people would not question a fake nuclear attack on the West as a form of retaliation from Russia. Most people would think it’s possible and real. Heck, even the actor and puppet Joe Biden warned of a ‘Nuclear Armageddon’ on October 6th.

So, to conclude, be aware of these scripts and connect the dots. This scenario of a fake nuclear attack might be something they play out sooner than you think – possibly using dirty bombs with some nuclear material to simulate some sign of radiation (which is harmless.) Personally, I think these scripts are symbolic and more of a visual representation of what is happening and what is going to happen, as in erasing the old to build the new, as in the totalitarian slave system, the beast system aka., Agenda 2030.

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