War Games: Simulation Foreshadows War with China in 2026

This War Game Simulation was a big headline yesterday, and it’s interesting in more ways than one. Back in July 1st, 2021, I wrote a post on the interpretation of the phrase ‘Dark Winter’ where I speculated about a staged and fake war – either between China and Taiwan or Russia and Ukraine. Because of the silly staged pandemic and covid-narrative out of China, I thought that conflict as most likely. However, they went with Russia and Ukraine instead, and as it looks, they have been saving and savoring the fake conflict between China and Taiwan for a future date.

Those at the top of the power pyramid do have a thing for simulations. Remember the ‘End of the World’ simulation executed by the Cabal’s think tank Club of Rome at MIT 1973, that foreshadowed a steep decline in living standards in 2020, most likely to a pandemic? Or the actual simulation in 2001 called ‘Dark Winter’ that described a bioweapon attack on the U.S. Or ‘Event 201’ in October of 2019 that described the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic?
With such a track record, their simulations should not be taken lightly. They are more than not a revelation of the method.

As for the fabricated China and Taiwan conflict, I feel like that the only reason that they have not played out the second phase yet is that the slumbering masses are still tagging along – accepting all the fabricated cost increases in energy, food, and so on. Although most people don’t even care about Russia and Ukraine or the Covid silliness, most still believe them to be real, which is an alarming display of being absent from reality, bordering mental deficiency.
Still, they might just want to pull another war as a ritual, and as more ammunition for creating a One World Government — the dissolution of countries, nations, and borders.

The simulation was covered by the media on January 9, a day written as 1/9, like 19. Their favorite strategy for imposing their will is by chaos, as in order out of chaos. And war is the ultimate way of chaos, hence January 9 to report on this war simulation.

Chaos = 19, 19

The number 19 also reminds us of their staged and totally fake Covid-19. Something that have created ‘tension’ between China and the West as of late. And the simulation is said to take place in 2026, like the year ’26. And again, we have a connection with chaos.

Covid = 26
China = 26
Chaos = 26

Interestingly, China’s new national founding day is October 1st, like 10/1, or 101. Also, this simulation was reported on a span of 101 days after October 1st. 101 is the 26th prime number, bringing us back to the year ’26 and the connection to covid and chaos.

The Covid-19 simulation, Event 201, was held on October 18th, 2019, and this coverage of the War-Game Simulation comes exactly 2-months and 22-days, like 222, after the anniversary of Event 201.

Order Out of Chaos = 222

The article from CNN describes the simulation as one of the most extensive “war-game simulations” ever conducted. That reminds me of the classic movie ‘War Games,’ which was released on June 3, 1983. This war-game simulation was announced exactly 220 days after the anniversary of the premiere of War Games.

War-Game Simulations = 220

Of course, January 9 came with a 33-date numerology, very fitting for Freemasonic world stage programming and antics.
1/9/23 = 1 + 9 + 23 = 33

War Games = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

Finally, they claim that CSIS ran the simulation ‘24’ times to get sufficient data. 24 as in the war-number of ‘42’ backwards. Both 24, 42, and 48 has been the most frequent and dominating numbers in the fake Russia vs. Ukraine war, and 42, symbolizing the number of months that the Beast ruled in Revelation, as well as representing their Sun God Saturn, has been very frequently used in their rituals as of late. Also note that the article was posted on the 42nd minute of the hour. They know what they are doing!

Actually, if you read the articles on this simulation and pay attention to the numbers they present, you can clearly see that they are all coded to fit the script of the ritual. And that raises the question; was there actually a simulation, or was the simulation rigged to throw out all these ritualistic numbers?

Either way, as you can clearly see, this war-game shenanigans was scripted and reported on all by the numbers, as a ritual, as they always do it. That also means that there is likely something to it, and that it might happen, likely before 2026. Funny enough, the movie War Games will be 42-years old on June 3, 2025. War equals 42, same as Jesuit and Freemason.

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